Saturday, 12 February 2011

Day Three Hundred & Seventy Six - Perky Pink

Shoes: Pink floral and metallic bow knee high boots Irregular Choice

Yesterday I decided to venture into the 'IC shoe closet' again! I'm actually despairing a little of how untidy my room is right now-I just keep shifting things around as there's nothing I want to get rid of or throw out. So I decided to put back the couple of pairs I've worn recently and swap them for a few other pairs which will sit out in my room until I brave the move another time! In my defence I have tidied up a little in front of the wardrobe, partly because I got buried under an avalanche of shoe boxes, handbags and carrier bags when I started to mess with the pile! I think last time you saw these boots I used a side view, so here is how they look from the front.

Wearing: Ruby Rocks black patterned dress, Primark black leggings and waterfall cardi. Fit: True to size, I bought a size up for leg room and because they were the only size left! Full length zip. Almost 4" carved perspex heel.
Comfort: Really easy to walk in, lined with poodle print leather which may rub after a while.


  1. i need a pair of these boots so badly!! i wish i'd bought them when i saw them a few yrs ago on LBS!! :)

  2. yeah that's where I got mine! I was so upset because I finally convinced Mum to get them for my christmas and then they sold out of my size, so I grabbed the last pair of 6's!


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