Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Day Three Hundred & Seventy - Peter Pan or Pinocchio?

Shoes: Wine 'Sleaze' platform ankle boots Carvela at Kurt Geiger

You know that way when you splurge online and hope the parcels arrive when everyone else is out of the house? Well I got caught out in spectacular fashion today. Two parcels arrived (separately) of clothes, cue my Mum yelling at me for "never taking a telling"! I prayed the next parcel wouldn't arrive today, because I didn't fancy feeling the wrath of Ma all over again (I already tried to 'cute' my way out of it the first time and I'm really not that cute!). So then a huge, massivo package containing 4 pairs of Kandee shoes arrives. Oopsy doopsy! I'm in the bad books now : ( I think I'm going to try and take another photo of these boots tomorrow they're so fab but the pics didn't turn out very well.
Wearing: I was so excited that this dress actually fits, that I took it straight out of the bag and wore it! Polka dot, peter pan collar dress New Look, black leggings/cardi and this cute as a button Audrey Hepburn brooch from Plastic Bat.
Fit: True to size, full length zip so you don't have to take out the laces. Heel height 5 1/2", platform 1 1/4".
Comfort: You know, I actually found these really steady and walked very confidently in them. The heel is really narrow at the bottom, but they are easy to walk in. The boots are quite rigid though which takes a bit of getting used to (no ankle creasing yet).


  1. ooh i love the boots and the dress!! :)

  2. HAHA you got caught :P I know the feeling, but I usually tell my BF something will be delivered (I actually usually whisper it in between when we're talking about something completely different :P) so he can give me "the look" and "the sigh" before hand so he doesn't ruin the happy moment the parcel actually arrives :D I've not been having that many things arriving lately though, when I worked full time I sometimes had parcels arriving EVERY day :O those times are definitely over lol!

    Love the boots (but not the heels ;)) & the dress! :D

  3. Thanks! Been wanting this dress for a while-so cute and I love these boots, my guilty pleasure stripper boots!

    Marlein, I was mortified! Got another couple of parcels coming next week, so not sure when to bring that up! Hopefully after I pay my sis back on wednesday, it'll appease them! Lets just hope the parcels don't come before then!


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