Thursday, 3 February 2011

Day Three Hundred & Seventy One - Down & Out

Shoes: Bronze 'Sugar' ankle boots Irregular Choice

You've seen these boots a few days ago but they're from my 'Irregular Choice shoe closet' (I converted one of my wardrobes years ago) and at the moment it's near impossible to get near it never mind open the doors! So I gingerly moved all the crap in front of it last week (including roughly 20 boxes of new shoes) and grabbed 2 pairs of boots out of it. Of course, now I can't get them back in! So I decided after all my hard work, I could do something a little different with them today, especially as IC boots are as pretty inside as out (antique look with purple metallic patterns). I don't quite think I can pull off that, 'look at my slouchy boots in a casual way' look, I'm always a little too 'done' for that, so this is probably as casual as I could go! I ended up just with the tongues folded down and the sides up when I went out walking because I was going to trip over them!

Wearing: Blush and black sheer floral dress ASOS Curve with black long sleeved top and leggings underneath.
Fit: Just over 4 1/4" heel and small concealed platform. True to size, button holes and hook fastenings (worn only laced in the buttonholes).
Comfort: Very padded underfoot. I also rectified that issue with the heel that was rubbing by wearing little lace socks underneath.


  1. i think i need an irregular choice closet, but i dont' have any spare wardrobes :(

  2. Darn you have heeeeeaps of shoes! Omg... super nice. I like this pair aswell, especially the patern inside. x~

  3. Yeah seemed like a good idea at the time, until my clothes started spilling out of my other wardrob! Although I would have no room to rehouse however many IC pairs are in there (around 25+) if the clothes reclaimed that space!

    Hi Mei-welcome to my blog, thanks for following and commenting-plenty shoes here!


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