Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Day 1186 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing SS18 wooden wedge shoes from Irregular Choice with socks
Shoes: Funshine | Irregular Choice

Something very summery today; an older sale buy, originally from Spring/Summer 2018.  These are perfectly named Funshine; such a cheery shoe.  It's a medium weight wooden wedge platform and heel.  I've felt lighter and definitely felt heavier too, but it does feel pretty solid to walk on.  Obviously they are high, there's no denying that, so if you're usually pretty wobbly on higher heels, I'd avoid these as I don't think they are so stable that you'd never fall.  Obviously I haven't properly worn shoes for a year now and I've noticed recently when trying them on for these posts, I'm struggling a bit with comfort, but actually I was fine in these.  No aching arches, no desperation to get them off because they felt too high, so if you do wear heels, you can manage these, just be mindful of uneven surfaces!  The uppers are a washed-out denim-like, polka dot fabric, a bit like my original bunny heeled Flopsy, then you have these amazing applique details in metallic and iridescent finishes.  My favourite part is the layered rainbow; such a statement in those vivid colours.  There's double strapping crossing over at the back of the heel, which goes into a singular strap around the ankle.  It's a really nice sized buckle to fasten and the strap isn't too thick.  The strap isn't short, but I could see the hole options being too few for some, so there's room to add more if you need that.  I absolutely love the green shade of the strap, it's beautiful.  The vamp does sit quite high up the foot, so again I could see this being an issue for some as there's not any stretch to it.  I managed to get my foot in with quite thick socks on though.  The cross-over section of the strap at the back of the heel might start to pinch after wearing for a while too.  

I find these true to size in length, but I do think they feel quite narrow in width.  I did have plans to decorate the wedge on these because it's a bit too plain for my liking.  I had an idea that I thought would look really bonkers, but I've never been anywhere to get the materials over the past year or so.  It's still in my head, so maybe one day!   

Wearing: Red sparkly socks, gift. 
Fit: Heel 5 3/4", platform 2 1/4". Large adjustable buckle on ankle strap.  Narrow width, but true to size in length.  Room on the strap for more holes if necessary.   
Comfort: I don't think this heel height and platform will be for everyone, though they do feel pretty stable. Maybe the cross-over strapping at the back of the heel could pinch with time.
wearing socks and sandals with rainbows on
high wedge heeled platform wooden shoes with colourful uppers
wearing Irregular Choice wooden wedge shoes with glitter ankle socks
wearing glitter ankle socks and rainbow themed wedge shoes
back view wearing very high wooden wedge heeled platforms with socks
wearing Irregular Choice platform wedges with sparkly ankle socks
wearing large wooden platform sandals with open toe
bright rainbow sun and cloud platform shoes
close up of cross over strapping at back of heel on shoe
Irregular Choice Funshine rainbow sandals with wooden wedge heels
wooden wedge platform shoe in hand with colourful uppers
metallic layered rainbow applique on front of shoe
close up of metallic pink and green ankle straps on shoe with shoe shelves in the background


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