Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Day 1187 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing pink metallic zebra court shoes with fishnet socks
Shoes: Zevra | Irregular Choice 

I really fell in love with this style when it launched in 2019.  They came in black and white, the more obvious colour choice for a zebra upper, but the amazing tinsel tail on the pink version stole my heart.  The other pair had plain black, but here we got this wonderful multi-colour metallic which immediately reminded me of my favourite 80's doll, Superstar Sindy.  I've attached a photo at the bottom, as she lives in my shoe room!  I wasn't prepared for how full the tail would be, it's like a cheerleader pom pom at the back, it's fabulous and so swishy.  These shoes have the half-hourglass shaped perspex heel, filled with loose glitter.  It's not my favourite heel, it's definitely on the lower end of what I wear in terms of height, but it's quite cute.  I probably preferred the black and white uppers initially, I thought they were more striking, but actually when I saw these in person, I was really taken in by the finish and colours.  The glitter is smooth, it's a patent finish and blends from a pale pink to the most stunning mint green and this sits atop a brighter metallic pink, forming cut-out zebra stripes.  The ears and hair stick up onto the foot, you might have to unfold bits after putting your foot into the shoe.  As you'll see from the side photos below, this court has the really upturned and wider pointed toe.  This isn't an elongated point, it's quite short and given the shape, it cuts across the toes at an angle, so some might find it uncomfortable or just a bit of a strange feeling.  My toes can feel the tip at some points, but if I'd gone for a bigger size, the shoe definitely would've been too big.  Even as it is (and I'd consider myself at the moment a bigger size 5), I felt my heel slipping out in some positions for these photos.  Width wise they felt normal, so I'd just stick with your usual size.  

I bought the matching bag to go with these, but got the black and white one too as it's just so lovely and a shape I use a lot.  I also have the Zevra necklace and if the earrings had been clip-on rather than pierced, I'd have had those too!     

Wearing: Metallic fishnet socks, Primark (old) 
Fit: 3 1/4" heel, slip on.  A little short at the toe, but slightly bigger in the heel (so I wouldn't size up).  I bought my usual size 5.  
Comfort:  Takes a bit of getting used to this toe shape.  Easy heel to walk on.  
wearing pink glitter zebra court shoes with multi coloured metallic tinsel tail
wearing green and pink zebra court shoes with perspex glitter filled heel and tinsel tail
back view wearing multi coloured tinsel tailed zebra shoes
wearing pink and green zebra themed court shoes with colourful tinsel tail at heel
close up of green and pink metallic glitter zebra face court shoes
metallic and glitter zebra upper court shoe with tinsel tail at heel
wearing fishnet socks and metallic pink and green zebra shoes by Irregular Choice
feet wearing metallic zebra shoes with faces on front and multi coloured tinsel tail at heel
feet on wooden floor wearing bright pink zebra shoes with tinsel tail detail
close up of zebra face on toe of shoes in glitter and metallic
close up of smooth glitter uppers of shoes in pink and mint green
close up of perspex glitter filled heel on shoe
back of shoes with large pom pom tinsel multi coloured tails
comparison of 80's Sindy doll with tinsel in hair like Irregular Choice tinsel tail on zebra shoe

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