Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Day 1185 - Shoesday Tuesday

close up of legs and feet wearing pencil ankle boots with concept heel
Shoes: Chalk It Up | Irregular Choice 

I knew I jinxed myself the other day in this post by saying I was really organised with blogging just now! I've been so distracted by other things these past couple of days that I'm hastily trying to piece this post together last minute. Anyway, these were another sale buy from Irregular Choice; I was trying to drastically limit my full-price buys last year because money was/is tight (I miss eBaying!), so I had a lot to buy when sale time came. That's actually reminded me that I still have to pay for these on Klarna! Anyway, I really liked these when they launched as part of the Fun & Games collection last year (not to be confused with the Gaming collection my last two posts came from). This collection was really fun; snakes and ladders, chess, the big wheel and then these pencil items. There's a bag, which I also have, a court shoe and then these boots. The boots were definitely more my style than the shoe and I'm just going to jump right in with the cool part, they all come with a box of chalk which you can actually use on the black parts! I have no idea what to write or draw on my boots and bag, so I'm biding my time until inspiration hits!  There's a bit more space on the bag, it's more limited on the boots.  I felt last year IC were really pushing the innovation, light up fabrics, paint your own heels, the piped lighting, so many new ways of doing things. Proper chalk and blackboard is not a concept I would ever have conjured up, how do you even figure out if that's possible?! I expected the black fabric to be...I don't know, rougher. It's really smooth and soft. It will naturally crease around the ankle, so take that into account when choosing your art! 

The heel is shaped like a pencil, which I love. The red shiny material used in that is new, it has a textured finished, like dried up bubbles. My absolute favourite pencil is the metallic green one in the centre front, which flashes blue in the contours, it's dreamy! The glitter at the heel and toe has what looks to be those glow in the dark flecks that Topsy Turvy had, so I'm guessing they glow too. I haven't left them out of their box yet to check. They come with a big thick sole and no fancy picture on the bottom, a very grippy tread. These were the most generous fitting of all my sale buys I've been showing lately. I bought my usual size and the side zip doesn't struggle at all to zip up or down. Usually I have a little pulling to make the sides meet, but these are much roomier in the shaft. Same goes for the foot, not big enough to size down I wouldn't think, but take the smaller size if you're between sizes. 

Wearing: Rainbow fishnet tights ASOS (old). 
Fit: Heel comes in just under 4" but you get a little extra height with the thick sole, so it's more like 4". Zip in inner side. Quite generous fitting in the foot (width and length) and shaft, not enough to completely size down, but go for the smaller if between sizes. 
Comfort: I actually quite like the sole on these, it's comfortable.
wearing colourful ankle boots with chalkboard material and pencil applique
close up wearing pencil themed ankle boots in black with bright coloured applique and pencil shaped heel
wearing ankle boots with pencil applique and blackboard
wearing rainbow fishnet tights and pencil themed blackboard ankle boots with chalk
wearing ankle boots with chalkboard material and pencil applique
wearing ankle boots from behind with pencil shaped high heels
wearing ankle boots with pencil applique and shaped heel
holding pencil themed blackboard boot in hand with shoe shelves in background
close up of red metallic pencil shaped heel on boot
green and blue metallic pencil applique on front of ankle boot
purple glitter toe of boot with glow in the dark flecks
close up of bright blue and red metallic glitter section at heel of boot


  1. These look super amazing and love the tights! :-D

    1. They're so cool, a bit different for me with the chunkier sole. I have a few pairs of these fishnets as I reach for them a lot, so bought back-ups!


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