Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Day 1184 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing wedge shoes with toy car theme and mesh socks
Shoes: Spaghetti Junction | Irregular Choice

Another week, another Irregular Choice sale buy!  Like High Score last time, these were from the Gaming collection for Summer last year.  They were also another IC exclusive colourway.  The other option was a bright rainbow finish, which I also liked, but something about the contrast between the black and white with green glitter really drew me in.  Again, their weight or lack of, really surprised me.  This is a super lightweight wedge.  They are a bit tricky to get into at first, with the circular part of the road.  I found just pushing my foot in slowly, bit by bit and pulling that circular part up little by little worked best, rather than trying to do it in one move.  The strapping is elasticated slightly on the inner side which I've photographed below (8th image, visible slit in the red strap).  I was expecting these to be quite generous in size (because I buy almost all my shoes online, I play a guessing the fit game with myself), but I was surprised by how small they were.  I found them quite short in length; you can see there's almost overhang from my toes (your foot naturally wants to slip forward and slippy socks probably didn't help) and the strapping at the heel is quite short/tight too, pushing your foot forward more.  You may notice the odd shape at the back, there's a red strap around the back that sits against your heel, but the road strap loops out beyond that (3rd image from bottom).  To the untrained eye it looks like you are wearing sandals far too big for your foot because the red strap is hidden.  The same concept is applied to the strap across the toes, with the red strap sitting against your foot and the road sitting up with the car on it.  

The cars are adorable, I love that.  I really, really want to move them though, it's just instinct!  They even have the wee wheel inside them (the types of cars you pull back and they go whizzing), it's so tempting, but sadly they can't move along the straps.  I love the way they've done the grid pattern with the layered black and white sequins, it's really striking, as is the fine green glitter 'grass'.  I also appreciate the different feet saying "start" and "finish".  These are definitely a bit different for me (with two sisters, toy cars weren't a thing we grew up around), what do you think, do you like these?

Wearing: Striped mesh socks, eBay unbranded. 
Fit:  4 1/2" wedge heel, 1 1/2" platform.  Adjustable buckle fastening on strap and small elasticated gusset on inner side.  A little tricky to get into with the tight straps, especially the first time, but I did find it much easier the second time.  Bought my usual size and they are on the smaller side, short in length and the strapping isn't generous, but I felt the size-up would be too big.     
Comfort:  A lightweight wedge heel, easy to walk on, a little tricky to get into. 
toy cars on straps of shoes on feet
wearing sandals with road themed straps and toy cars
wearing wedge shoes from gaming collection with toy cars and sequins grid
back of shoes in green glitter and black and white grid patterned sequins
wearing racing car themed wedge shoes with mesh striped socks
wearing colourful wedge shoes with toy racing cars and road straps
wearing wedge shoes with toy racing cars and green glitter grass
elasticated section in strap on wedge shoes
wearing mesh striped socks with road and racing car sandals
Irregular Choice Spaghetti Junction shoes
close up of racing car toy on strap of shoe
close up of double strap feature at heel of sandal
close up of platform sole on racing car sandal
close up of sequins and glitter wedge heel on shoe


  1. Jeez oh, these are amazing! Really cool :-D

  2. I love these ones - I wasn't too sure about most of the gaming collection but as a bit of a petrolhead, I was totally taken by these and definitely prefer the black/white contrast on this colourway. Love them, I'm just sad I didn't get a chance to wear them to the car racing yet. Perhaps this year. <3

    1. Definitely! I feel like I loved the concepts of the collection, they maybe just weren't very me.

  3. For reasons I don't know why this won't let me comment under everydayjoyandme. So, here we go. I love these they're fantastic love all the details and the socks are spectacular too.

    1. That's weird, but hi, how have you been? Thank you for my sticker an absolute age ago, it was so sweet and very apt! I'm sorry I haven't been in touch, I've been off social media for a while, felt it was better for my head.


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