Monday, 16 November 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Camilla Elphick Pez Rabbit Heels

You can see my post on Pink Haired Princess as to why I'm posting so late (or early in the morning if you look at it that way). I wanted to challenge myself a bit with this look today, because it's rare I combine my once weekly, plus size look with the high-end prices. That's because there simply isn't the vast choice available in designer plus clothing or nearly as many high end brands that make larger sizes. I could talk for hours on the numerous reasons this is wrong, but I suspect you'll mostly agree. To make matters slightly more difficult, once I spotted these shoes, there was no way I wasn't using them today, but having something so specific and choices limited for clothing, I struggled a bit (especially as they are quite summery looking and obviously we are into winter fashion now).
The shoes are Camilla Elphick pink PEZ rabbit heels £695 and one of the coolest statement heels I've seen, PEZ! You know the little sweeties with the special dispensers? Well unfortunately they are not functional, but otherwise shaped like the dispenser and there's an animal head at the back of the shoes, a rabbit on these. I'm going to style the other pair next time, as they are just as brilliant. I really, really want these, but they are out of my budget, even in the sale I suspect! I styled them with an extreme colour matching outfit (my initial theme was nothing like this). Xandres Xline are a high end plus brand available at House Of Fraser and this is where both the jacquard trousers and pale blue jumper are from. I finished with this small Banana Republic bag in bright yellow, which picked out the PEZ heel. Like I say, my intention wasn't matching, but it happened and I thought the shoes looked best with it. If Santa or anyone bought them for me, I'd wear them with anything and everything though! What do you think, do you like these crazy heels?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Camilla Elphick Pez Rabbit Heels
Worn with: Xandres Xline merinowool luxurious knit £109 and slim fit jacquard trousers £67 (sale) and Banana Republic yellow bag £150.


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