Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Day 1047 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Prada frilled cuff court shoes 

Ooh I've been holding onto these photos for some time, as you can probably tell by the almost empty shoe room in the background! I bought them in...May I think, before my birthday and I kinda went crazy that week with the green satin and frill brogue Miu Miu and also a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood boots I haven't shown you yet. All sales buys obviously, you know I like my bargains!
These Prada shoes are yet another from the SS08 fairy collection, of which I already had 2 pairs (these and these). Yoox came through for me like they often do with just one pair in my size and every once in a while you'll find these random 'vintage' pieces, at great prices, that you thought you had little chance of ever finding. There's still one or two pairs from this collection I'd like to track down, so I keep an eye out! I like shoes that you can switch up and these are nifty little things as they come with a detachable ankle cuff. Without, you have a regular suede court shoe with gold detailing, but fasten the cuff (velcro to close around the ankle and elastic to hook under the shoe), you get these crazy cuties. I worried the cuff wouldn't fit me, but it's perfect. I've said before, but the box these come in, is divine! Flowers and fairy illustrations, really beautiful. What do you think, like these?

Fit: Just over 4 1/2" heel, velcro fastening on cuff. True to size.
Comfort: No issues with these.


  1. Oh, so pretty. I really like the cuff!

    1. They had a mid calf kinda boot/shoe as well with a fixed frilled cuff like this, which I've always liked too.

  2. They are really gorgeous!!!!xx


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