Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Day 1050 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Blue Heel The World Irregular Choice 

Hola, how are you all this week? These are a pair of shoes I've had for some time, I loved them the moment I spotted them in the SS15 range. They also came in red and once I had the blue pair, I wanted those too, but missed out on them.
I was as usual, unsure which size to order and these are very tight on me in my usual size. Thankfully they fasten with big satin ribbons, so there's a lot of leeway across the foot (and this was my reason for just going for my regular size), but the shoe itself is very shallow (probably not short in length, but the tightness of the shoe supersedes that), so your foot has nowhere to go. It therefore quite literally bulges over the top (sorry!), so I'm determined to stretch these (if I can) though I suspect they will always be a little tight on me. Only to be worn on a non-swollen foot day! I love the checked fabric (like if a picnic were a pair of shoes, they would be these), bows always get a thumbs up and the striped heel is cute (reminds me of my teddy Love Games).  How sweet is the name too? I'll probably be singing that song all night now. What do you think, like these?

Fit: Just over 4" heel. Ribbon tie fastenings. Small and shallow, I'd recommend a size up.
Comfort:  Easy to walk in, but tightness is an issue for me.   


  1. Pretty and I'd buy a low version of these but it is a shame they are so tight!

    1. That's a Kezzie thumbs up then, lol! Yeah, I'm hoping the thick socks trick will work, but like I say there's not really anywhere else for your foot to go, other than over the top.

  2. Lovely shoes, love that stripy heel and the ties are gorgeous.


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