Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Day 1048 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: R2D2 Irregular Choice Star Wars 

Hello lovelies, how are you all this week? We're in the midst of getting a new kitchen fitted, so we've been washing dishes in the conservatory, making 'meals' in my parents bedroom, using their en suite to fill the kettle and keeping a larder in the living room, fun times! There's been a bit of a mix-up with the sink not fitting the unit, so that's going to set things back a few days unfortunately, while we wait for a new one to arrive. It meant they finished early yesterday though and I could sneak off to re-shoot these photos as they hadn't worked too well last week. Not much better this time...I sound like a broken record, but I do hate the lack of natural light this time of year.  Even as I was taking them, light was fading, so I was working at record speed!
I've spoken about this in both the video of these shoes and my original post, so I shan't repeat it, but they do feel high and you know I'm used to height.  I've heard some people say they've sized down, I wouldn't go that far (remember I couldn't even get my feet in them the first time), but they are wide fitting (in both the toe area and the shoe itself) and because of the heel, your weight and feet are thrust forward, so your toes are touching the tip of the shoes.  I think this is why you shouldn't size up, because they would certainly gape at the sides and you'd have room at the heel and most definitely slip out when you're walking (even in these, I can slip my heel out if I try).  However, if you're between sizes (like me), take the smaller one.  When I tried these the second time, with tights, they fit much better and the third time I managed without tights, so they are slackening already!  Toe scrunching (curling under) can be an issue when getting them on with bare feet, so you might have to readjust once they are on.  Reading that back it sounds like the shoes have lots of issues, that wasn't my intention, I just like to go into more detail in these posts on the fit and wearability of a shoe and I'm always honest about it with you.  I'm by no means saying they are unwearable (I managed to move around in them in that video), simply that there are things to be aware of.  There's no doubt about the gorgeousness of the shoes.  LOVE the shoe, love the heel, love the colours and as a plus they looking amazing on the shelf in my shoe room!  What do you think?

Wearing: Little Mermaid tights Primark.
Fit:  5" heel and 3/4" concealed platform.  Wide fit, small at first but take your usual size or the size down if between sizes.  
Comfort:  Aching arches and they are quite difficult to walk in because of the heel height.   


  1. I am SO going to make myself an R2D2 brooch for when we go to watch the film (have booked for the very 1st night with our friends like we did for Spectre! They are still beautiful and I still would love a pair though I know I wouldn't even get my feet in! I love your tights too- beautiful but how do you not snag them!?X

  2. P.S Would you buy those Disney Vans shoes they've got at Schuh?x

  3. My sister bought several, but she's a small size 3 and they were too big. The kids sizes were too small. She was gutted!


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