Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Day 1049 - Shoesday Tuesday

Wearing: Iron Fist Care Bear Point Heels

Hello lovelies. If you read my review on Pink Haired Princess last week, you'll have known which shoes I was wearing for Shoesday Tuesday before this post! Courts from the new Iron Fist 'Care Bears' collection.
I've always been between sizes in IF, with my regular 5/38 feeling too tight and the size up, gaping or slipping off the heel. My Lollipop Lorelei courts (in a 6/39) are too big and though I don't think they look too bad in the flesh, they are noticeably gaping when I see them in photos or from certain angles. So I took a chance with the 5 in these and am glad I did. Finally, I have a pair of Iron Fist that fit properly. I spoke about the lovely print in that other post and I thought the placement was random, but actually the stock photos and promotional images seem to have the rainbow across one toe and the purple bear (Kezzie help me out with a name) on the other, just like mine. I'm not particularly bothered about my shoes being mirror images of one another and actually the contrasting scenes on these, when your feet are together (which they tend to be!), look really cute. This "Clouds of Caring" print comes in a blouse, wallet and bag too and the full CB range is available from Purple Heels, who are offering my readers 10% off site-wide (valid until 24th December) using the code shoegirl10.  They are also running a giveaway on Instagram to win a sought after My Little Pony bag, which you can enter here.  I'm a big fan of these retro collaborations IF are producing.  What do you think, do you like these?

Wearing: Little Mermaid tights Primark.
Fit:  4 1/4" heel.  True to size.
Comfort:  No issues with these.   


  1. I do think these are cute, but I think I like your mermaid tights even more!

  2. The purple bear was not an original one I don't think- Grams was purple maybe but I suspect it is a later one!x

  3. I love these and always enjoy how you style your gorgeous shoes. The tights are fantastic!


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