Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Day 1042 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: True Love flashing heart heels Irregular Choice 

I needed some time to recover this weekend, after a busy few days last week, with the arrival of these shoes.  I managed a detailed blog post on Pink Haired Princess, a video of them flashing (yes, the heels actually light-up when you walk) and then this post.  I like to forget I'm not actually able for all this (!), however my body has no such issues reminding me and the message was loud and clear this weekend (and still now)!  Sore, aching body and tiredness aside, I do love when there's an exciting launch like this to occupy my time and give me something to focus on (the other 'big activity' was wiping the hard drive of my old PC, which was mind numbingly boring).
So yes, that was my weekend, onto the shoes and I spoke about the fit in my other post, but I shall elaborate here.  I've since tried them on again and they are snug across the top of my foot, so I suspect the 5/38 (my usual size) would be too tight.  The heel is still roomy and lifts off when I'm walking (the shoes themselves are rather heavy which adds to it), so I'll have to remedy that with an insole or something.  There's not a whole lot of room at my toes (they are comfortable), so I feel it's best to keep this size.  It was too difficult to catch the lights flashing in a photo.  Like I said last week, my body struggles with these posts and the light needs a pretty solid stomp indoors and then lasts so briefly, it would've been an all-day job probably, to capture it!  However, that's why they invented motion video and you can see it much better on film, so check out that video link above.  I'm finding my webcam much easier to navigate, control and edit, than making videos on my DSLR, so that's good.  I've included some extra photos (not with the fancy backdrop, so perhaps less distracting), which I decided at 6pm on Friday was a good setting for the shoes (mid-way through editing the ones I'd already taken), because I didn't give myself enough work already!!  Someone said to me on Facebook, it should be my job to photograph shoes, as they found my photos more exciting than stock ones.  I genuinely love it when I hear that you bought a pair of shoes or even that I just changed your initial perception through my photos alone.  It's great that I can get whatever message or look across that other images might've failed in doing.  It definitely makes the work and pain (and scrambling around looking for vintage issues of Smash Hits) worthwhile, even if I'm doing it for free!  So what do you think of these shoes?

Fit: 4 1/4" heel and 1" concealed platform/platform. I took a size up and found them tight across the front, but large in the heel.
Comfort:  I find these easy to walk in, the tightness across the foot might increase if you're wearing them for long periods, though I suspect with wear they'll stretch, so that might ease it.     


  1. I have to say it again: I love these shoes :)) and I love your photos of them, they look so 'loved' by you if that makes any sense:D

    1. Thank you. If I'm honest I wasn't mad about them initially, but they've really grown on me, especially once I saw them in the flesh.


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