Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Day 1248 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Dotty Love
Shoes: Dotty Love (red) | Irregular Choice 

Another heart themed pair from my photo archives this week, after the cut-out heart heeled, Rosie Posy last time. I have previously fit reviewed Dotty Love actually, as I bought them in two colours. They launched for SS15 and I got the red and blue, but they also came in black (all with a white base). I think I've since sold this pair, as I needed space and thought the blue were more unusual, so the red had to go. To be honest I've forgotten half the shoes I own now, seeing as I never wear them, it's the same with makeup. I'm terrible at remembering the style/shade names as I'm just so out of the loop. Anyway, not much to say about these as they pretty much fit true to size. I recall them being quite wide fitting and if anything a little generous, but certainly nowhere near enough to size down. 

The heart, if you haven't spotted it yet, is on the front and it doesn't dig into the foot at all. Sometimes I run into issues in that area with parts that come far up the foot or press and create pressure there. The heel is what I'd call a demi-wedge. It is wedge shaped but tapers to a standard heel and a very small tip actually. You may recall this heel shape from the very old Hypolita, I used to wear on the blog. Dolly Mixture (the ankle boots, not the court shoe with the same name) also had this heel, from the same season as Dotty Love. 

The little satin bow at the back of the heel isn't too obvious on this pair and the small size feels a bit like an afterthought, but I like bows, so the more the merrier (there's also one on the heart at the front). These are a very comfortable pair for me, fit well and easy to walk on. They aren't the most exciting style IC have ever launched, but sometimes you just need a faithful little court. 

Wearing: Navy anchor socks, Primark (old). 
Fit: 4" heel, no platform. Slip on. True to size in my regular size. 
Comfort: No issues with these.
wearing navy anchor socks with red spotty shoes with hearts and bows
wearing red Irregular Choice Dotty Love court shoes
back of legs wearing red heels with small pink bows and polka dot uppers
close up of small pink bow at back of shoe with polka dot uppers and red heel
Irregular Choice Dotty Love SS15
close up of suede red heart shape on front of shoe with small pink bow

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