Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Day 1251 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Booyah
Shoes: Booyah | Irregular Choice 

I finally made it into the shoe room, emptied the overspill and photographed a few recent new pairs for you, so there's lots to look forward to in the coming weeks.  I thought I'd choose something very different (for me) today, after something a little more regular, Odette swan heels, last week.  These sandals/trainers/platforms/flatforms? launched last Spring/Summer and I liked them right away, even although they are far from my usual style.  I'm a sucker for fur, it must be that!  I found them for around £20 from Unrulyu the other week, so took the plunge, when do you ever get IC that cheap? I thought I'd wear them as slippers, as my sliders are all getting a bit knackered, however, they are SO heavy.  I always assumed this sole was one of those light as air types, not so!  Honestly you could use them as weights to lift.  It's mainly concentrated in that back part, which as you'll see protrudes quite far from your actual heel.  It's taking a bit of getting used to, both that shape and the weight.  I feel my heel being dragged down with the heaviness.  That said, they're really comfy.  

My toes stop quite short of the front, which I hadn't noticed so much in bare feet, but I'm in the second loosest hole on the slingback strap, so I personally wouldn't choose to size down, as I think they might be too small.  That strap feels secure, it's not like many other slingbacks that can slip, it's thick so just stays in place.  I think they look really neat from the front, the back, I need to get used to that extra bulk.  

Wearing: Hilda Hippo Tights, Irregular Choice (SS21).  
Fit:  4 1/4" heel including the thick, fluffy insole (around 2 3/4" heel without), platform 2 1/2" at biggest point (including insole).  Slip on, adjustable buckle on slingback strap.  True to size in my regular size 5/38. 
Comfort:  Really comfortable, no strap digging in or slippage, but heavy to wear.    
wearing brightly patterned tights and metallic sandals with fur lining
Irregular Choice Booyah metallic sandal with fluffy lining
wearing hippo pattern tights with metallic fluffy sandals
wearing flatform trainer sandals with print tights
back view of hippo tights and platform trainer sandals
wearing metallic Irregular Choice sandals with hippo print tights
Irregular Choice Booyah
close up of metallic slingback with buckle and fluffy lining
Irregular Choice Booyah crackled metallic uppers close up
fluffy lining with Irregular Choice branding inside shoe

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