Tuesday, 19 July 2022

Day 1250 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Odette
Shoes: Odette | Irregular Choice 

Another scorcher today, I've been struggling since I woke this morning, it's just so muggy.  The current weather warning ends here at midnight, so I'm hoping for a better sleep, but won't bet on it.  Once more I'm having to rely on old photos for this post and have just realised I didn't have any of the back view (I took these photos back in 2019 for the shoe challenge on Instagram, so wasn't intending them to be used for my fit reviews here) and I wanted to familiarise myself with the sizing, but although I know where the shoes are, I can't reach them.  In this heat, I'm refusing to exert myself, so I won't be moving boxes around the shoe room.  I'll update this post once I reach them, if anything changes, but I think I remember the sizing.  Last week, I posted the very old Shimmy Pom Pom if you missed that.  So this week, I have swans.  This heel first launched in the summer of 2016 and hasn't been seen again until this current season, where the lovely Pedalo Date were released.  I was really pleased to see this heel return, I would've liked more styles than just the one and the few other swan themed items.  I didn't buy them because I already own the pale pink Savan and then these, Odette, which I bought for an absolute steal in one of the Hidden Gems sales in 2019.  I felt the new version, as much as I liked them, have the same colour palette as those I already own, so I can't justify it.  I love the addition of the flowers though and the swan applique on the front.  

Had these not been a bargain, I probably wouldn't have bought them, given they are an all-white shoe, they're not the most practical thing, but at under £40, I don't have to worry about wearing them all the time to get my money's worth.  The uppers are actually quite interesting with this zebra stripe like pattern in white glitter on a white background.  It's that rough, scratchy glitter, so it does stand out against the backing.  There's a small platform and then the front has a heart shape on top, a bit like Dotty Love the other week, with a small bow.  The glitter here has an icy blue tone to it.  Then there's this fringing around the heel area, this to me is the part that makes them very IC.  I feel some people will hate this bit, which makes me like it more!  

The swan heel is one of my favourite characters to look at, it's just adorably pretty with the wee, puffy cheeks and the flocking on the body.  I have to say I don't think the swan heels are the most flattering shape on your legs or at least not on mine.  There's something, how can I put this? A bit frumpy about them.  Perhaps it's the chunky, rounded shape of the heel, I don't know, they just make my legs look a bit stumpy.  To look at the shoe, I think the heel looks a lot higher than it actually feels on.  

Size wise, they have that wide, pointed toe.  However it's stubby and cuts across the smaller toes and is also very upturned, which I think all put together bothers some people.  I do sometimes find my toes wanting to curl under when trying them on, I've felt that with both my swan styles.  They feel true to size to me and that's in my regular size 5/38.  I know some like to size up because of that toe shape though.  The heel is one of the most solid characters you can get, the base is huge and takes on a wedge-like shape so it's easy to walk on.  

Wearing: Floral lace tights, Miss Selfridge (old). 
Fit: 4 1/2" heel and 1/2" platform.  Slip on.  True to size in my regular size.   
Comfort:  Not a very cushioned shoe, but heel very stable.  
wearing pink floral lace tights and white court shoes with glitter heart on front
Irregular Choice Odette white court shoes with lace tights
wearing Irregular Choice Odette swan heels
crossed legs in white court shoes with glitter front and swan shaped heel
Irregular Choice swan character heels
wearing fringed white court shoes with swan heel
Irregular Choice Odette shoe with swan heel and shoe room in background
heart shaped front on shoe with fringing at heel
shoes with fringing and white swan flocked heels
close up of face of swan shaped heel on white shoe
glitter heart shaped front of shoe with small bow
white glitter patterned uppers close up on shoe

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