Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Day 1249 - Shoesday Tuesday

Irregular Choice Shimmy Pom Pom
Shoes: Shimmy Pom Pom | Irregular Choice 

Another unusual wedge shaped heel for you this week after Dotty Love last time, although I didn't think I'd be able to post at all. I actually have a couple of new pairs of shoes to show you, however this heat is killing me, it's unbearable. There's absolutely no way I was attempting to empty the shoe room overspill, then shut myself in and wear tights/pose for photos in said incubator. I expected to do my usual and find some old photos on my laptop, but it's even been too hot for that. I'm sleeping more (probably because the heat makes it too difficult to sleep at night) and any attempt to sit with a hot laptop near me has failed quickly the past few days, I just can't concentrate or focus.  I honestly don't know how people manage to go about their lives and work in this.  It's been somewhat cooler at times today (i.e. enough for me not to have the fan on full-blast), so I did manage to scavenge some old photos of a much older style, dating back to 2007, but as I'm typing it's boiling again and it's early evening! Firstly the name, Shimmy is a repeat name. If you're a long time blog reader here, you'll know my Shimmy green court shoes with the chunky diamond shaped heel as I've worn them lots (they actually came a couple of years after these). There's also open toe slingbacks with the same heel as the pair today (and from the same season) which are just Shimmy, but my style today is known as Shimmy Pom Pom for obvious reasons. 

It took me a long time to find these shoes and sadly they don't fit. Back in 2019 when I took these photos and my feet were more of a standard size 5/38, they were extremely tight. There's no stretch in the slingback so they were short there, digging into my heel and there's also a lot of pressure down where the shoe meets the foot, at the top of the pom pom. My toes as you can see, are right at the edge of the shoe so slingback aside, they are coming up quite short in length anyway. Obviously with the heat and the fact I'm more of a 38.5 these days, I didn't even attempt to look these out for a try on, I know I won't get my foot in. Even before, I couldn't have worn them comfortably, so I'd definitely recommend sizing up on this style. 

It's a bit of an odd mix, this wool upper, like baffies (there's a good Scottish word for you!) but in more of a sandal style with open toe, but I personally quite like the contrast.  If you haven't read any of my many previous reviews on this heel-less wedge shape, it's exactly like walking on a regular heel.  Your foot is supported and although the base tapers to a slim wedge at the back with a small heel tip, they feel steady.  Hopefully one day I'll manage to track down the bigger size.   

Wearing: Blue tights, Primark (old).   
Fit: 4" heel, no platform.  Slip on.  Small and tight in my regular size, would recommend sizing up.   
Comfort:  Seriously uncomfortable when they're too small, but heel easy to walk on.
wearing blue tights and Irregular Choice pompom shoes
wearing Irregular Choice Shimmy Pom Pom open toe heels and blue tights
Irregular Choice Shimmy Pom Pom heel-less wedge shoes
wearing pompom shoes with statement cut-out wedge heel
close up wearing white, blue and pink wool pompom shoes with open toe
close up or embroidered pompom shoe with heelless wedge
Irregular Choice Shimmy Pom Pom shoes
close up of wool pink blue and white pompom on front of shoes

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