Sunday, 4 December 2016

Day 1095 - Shoesday Tuesday (Extra)

wearing irregular choice santa's ninth
Shoes: Irregular Choice Santa's Ninth 

Hello, today is Sunday, the final day of my extra Shoesday Tuesday posts this week. Today I bring you the wonderful new Santa heel for 2016. You may remember a few years ago I bought Dreamy, the very first Santa shaped heel by Irregular Choice. I'd loved the gnome heel which had come out earlier that year, so the festive version ended up becoming one of my most worn shoes! Last year, the Santa heel returned, this time with furry reindeer uppers, complete with metallic antlers and googly eyes. Last Friday the newer variation launched and I'll admit I felt really guilty contemplating buying them when they were so similar to the year before. Now I've got them in my hands though, I can see a lot of differences between the two and besides that, I fell head over heels for them, so there's no way I'm returning them!
Another main reason is, both my previous pairs I bought in the size up. Dreamy were the tiniest bit big (once they'd been worn), Rudolph were more roomy and I tried them both on the other day and they are becoming really too big for me unfortunately now that they've loosened up and my feet have shrunk a bit. Rudolph especially, I can slip my finger down the back and they gape at the sides. So this time, I decided to order my usual size and am glad I did. Like with the squirrel heels, they feel very slightly on the generous side, but not enough to go down a size. They fit me far better than my other two do now so I'm glad to have a pair that look 'neat' on me. The uppers are a dark brown lurex with gold threads. They are much more glitzy in person than I anticipated. The antlers were what initially struck me as being different to Rudolph, as they are longer and spindlier and this time the ends are stitched to the shoe, so they sit perfectly over your foot and the shoe (you may need to untuck the littlest bit of the antler as it tends to get folded under when you slip your foot in). Instead of googly eyes, they are embroidered and there's no metallic nose, instead there's a large, rounded, rubbery feeling one. Then when you walk, the nose lights up!! I know, it's the coolest thing ever (seriously when did I turn so geek over lights? It's happening all the time now). Much like the Cinderella styles, I feel I need quite a hard stomp to make the lights flash, so you aren't going to be constantly blinded when walking distances. Aside from that, the front is shaped slightly different, they look deeper in that toe area than last year. The Santa heel is exactly the same (well I think his skin is slightly darker this year) and there's a small concealed platform in the shoe. I feel like Rudolph are your "Christmas at home" shoes and Santa's Ninth are for your Christmas party night out. I know you pretty much only have one month of the year to wear these, but they are for life for me, so I know, I'll still get a lot of wear out of them.  I really adore them, have I mentioned that enough?!  I hope you've enjoyed this week of new shoes, I've loved rattling through all my recent buys.  Which has been your favourite?

Wearing:  New Look leggings (old).
Fit: 4 1/2" heel and small concealed platform. I found these true to size, so would recommend sticking with your usual size.
Comfort: Don't foresee any issues with these.
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  1. I see IC loves Christmas, they have a lot of Christmas shoes when I google search Irregular Choice Christmas shoes-I see a lot of designs. I don't like to say Xmas because what the hell is Xmas?? It's Christmas lol but I'm sure its always going to be used when mentioning Christmas.

    I love that the nose lights up!!

    1. My minister used to hate that word as it took the "Christ" out of Christmas, so he kind of instilled it in us all and I do cringe on the rare occasion I use it when I'm trying to write or type it quickly! Yes, this is my third Santa heel from IC!

  2. I really like the texture of these!!!


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