Saturday, 3 December 2016

Day 1094 - Shoesday Tuesday (Extra)

wearing irregular choice secret squirrel
Shoes: Irregular Choice Secret Squirrel 

I'm back again for another squirrel instalment! How are you enjoying the daily Shoesday posts so far? These are the final squirrel heels I tried, so far you've seen Furry O Nutty which I'm keeping and Nibbles McNutty that I'm returning. This pair, Secret Squirrel, I really want to keep too, even although I told myself I could only have one. I knew it would be a hard decision. They are indeed another green pair, but once more completely different in style and the shade of green.
Remember the glitter heart inserts I loved so much on Nibbles? Well SS have that glitter ALL over. Yep, a little bit of wee came out. I said this in that post, but the colour is incredible, bold, bright, blue and green. It almost looks like it's lit from within, it dazzles so vividly and thus the reason I'm struggling to part with them. There's also this interesting metallic floral fabric used, which looks black or green depending on the light. The shoe itself is a low cut, lace-up shoe boot. I had to undo the laces the first time I tried them on, but can now slip them on and off without doing so. The toe is almost almond shaped and back from the toe box the shoe widens, which I could see in person but wasn't sure it came across in the photos. Size wise, again I'm finding them a little generous, but not enough to go down a size. The top feels a little tight across the widest part of your foot, but it helped once I'd adjusted the laces. I'm really loving these too, so might have to find something to sell in order to keep them! They are certainly different enough to Furry O Nutty to justify keeping both and I can see me getting a lot of wear out of these. This style also come in brown with gold glitter or black glitter with plum. Tomorrow, I'll have the latest Santa heel for you, with lights! No kidding, it's treats galore this week. What do you think of these and which has been your favourite squirrel?

Wearing:  New Look leggings (old).
Fit: 3 3/4" heel. I found these true to size, so would recommend sticking with your usual size.
Comfort: Don't foresee any issues with these. wearing irregular choice secret squirrel toeswearing irregular choice secret squirrel frontwearing irregular choice secret squirrel green glitterwearing irregular choice secret squirrel shoe boot wearing irregular choice secret squirrel fuzzy heels wearing irregular choice secret squirrel heel detailirregular choice secret squirrelirregular choice secret squirrel flocked heel detail


  1. Oooh pretty! I think these are my favourite of the 3, I love the contrast between the glitter and the floral :D

    1. The glitter is just breathtaking. I have a lot of glitter styles but this two tone thing is just something else, it's beautiful!

  2. These are the ones I really wanted!! Utterly exquisite!!!x

    1. They are beautiful and yet wearable too. The floral bits kind of tone down the glitter element.


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