Thursday, 1 December 2016

Day 1092 - Shoesday Tuesday (Extra)

wearing irregular choice nibbles mcnutty squirrel heels
Shoes: Irregular Choice Nibbles McNutty 

Hello, hello. I'm so excited that I've managed to blog three days in a row! Shoesday Tuesday is my favourite type of blog post because I used to love my regular OOTD/SOTD posts, so now I'm no longer able for that, this is the substitute. So yeah, I'm pretty excited to be revealing a new pair of shoes to you on a daily basis. I still have plenty more posts to start off next year and the remainder of this one, so no worries about using them all up here. Ok, so squirrels are the latest character heel instalment from Irregular Choice. As much as I love to see new interpretations of classic characters, it's always completely thrilling to see brand new animals or people. The squirrels are reasonably low, more along the lines of lambs, pandas, flamingo than the deer or bunnies and unicorns and so there's no platform on any of the 8 available colourways. There's three different styles and I bought one from each on Friday and somehow managed to pick the green colourway in each style! Well if it ain't broke...! I'm not keeping them all, I just couldn't decide online and wanted to see them in person.
The pair I'm definitely returning are these (I know, don't make me feel bad for doing so)!! They didn't excite me in the flesh as much as the other two I tried and the biggest reason for returning is they are far too big. What is happening to me? I usually have to size up, but am finding myself sizing down in IC now! My extensive shoe collection weeps at the prospect! I hope it's the shoes and not the fact I've lost weight this year (when I was a skinny teenager, I was a perfect size 5 and I'm nowhere near that weight now, so I doubt it's me). Anyway a size 4/37 would definitely fit me in these. As you can see (I just had to photograph how obvious it was), I can get my entire (big) finger down the heel. My foot lifts out constantly and I'd have to shuffle to walk as it keeps slipping out. They also gape at the sides, though this didn't come across in the photos. The part where the shoe meets my foot at the front is a little snug across the top, so I suspect that would be tight in the smaller size, but I'd have to make-do with that, as there's so much extra length in the bigger size, I just couldn't wear them. The uppers are a green teal colour with metallic flower print peeking through. The metallic bits are silvery but constantly colour shift and you can see pink and yellow shining in some of these photos. My favourite bits are the knitted acorn charms and the glitter hearts on the toe and at the heel. The glitter is blue and green and so vivid, it's beautiful. The charms are sensibly soft and therefore not bothersome when striking against your leg whilst walking (IC have used several hard plastic or heavy charms previously). I really wanted the charms, so I'm a bit sad the style(s) I'll keep don't have those, but I can't afford them all. I'll speak more about the squirrel when I properly review them on Pink Haired Princess, but the tummies are fuzzy! It's so cute. This style also came in deep pink or black and tomorrow I'll have another new squirrel style for you. How do you like these? 

Wearing: New Look leggings (old).
Fit: 3 3/4" heel. I found these a full size too big, so would recommend sizing down.
Comfort: Don't see any issues with these, the heel is nice and solid. wearing irregular choice green nibbles mcnutty squirrel heelswearing irregular choice green nibbles mcnutty wearing irregular choice nibbles mcnutty shoeswearing irregular choice nibbles mcnutty too big wearing irregular choice nibbles mcnutty roomy shoes irregular choice nibbles mcnutty green blue glitter heart detailirregular choice nibbles mcnutty flocked squirrel heel detailirregular choice green nibbles mcnutty squirrel heels


  1. I think the sizing issues are IC's, not yours: my newer purchases have come up bigger than past seasons'. I don't Bite, the black cinderellas, longer lashes, etc, are all fitting a size bigger.

    1. Yeah my old Long Lashes were biggish on me. IDB I stupidly thought I'd need the size up, but had to return them for my usual size as they were too big.

  2. Oh My god I surely haven't seen anything this cute...Look at those heels...Dayammmm I'm in love....


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