Friday, 2 December 2016

Day 1093 - Shoesday Tuesday (Extra)

wearing irregular choice furry o nutty
Shoes: Irregular Choice Furry O Nutty 

Hello lovelies. Yes, it's not Tuesday, but I'm bringing you Shoesday styles all week long. "Get in", as my nephew would say! These are the second squirrel heels I have to show you, Nibbles McNutty from yesterday are here. This pair are called Furry O Nutty. Like seriously, can we talk about how brilliant these names are? I want them for that alone, without even seeing the shoe! Furry are unlike anything else in my collection, so definite keepers for me (my family were pretty adamant about it tbh). That's not to say I haven't seen something like them before. I'm going to put a photo up on Instagram later, it'll make you chuckle, but I basically rocked this style in 1984. As slippers of course, not shoes! Don't they remind you of baffies? I'm sure my Granny had very similar ones to these, minus the squirrel heel obviously!
I kinda thought the uppers were fabric from the online pics (though I ordered in such a hurry, they could've had live, breathing squirrels on them and I wouldn't have noticed), but they are leather, with a moody floral print. I suspect there could be some differences in pattern placement between the entire batch, I'm not fussed either way with mine. There's quite a lot of (uninteresting) cream flowers on one side of mine, thankfully the inner side that isn't seen, but without studying them, I can't say I've noticed a really "bad" part. The shoe itself is a high sided affair, more like a shoe boot and they slip-on. Be warned, when they arrive you can barely see where to put your foot, with the fluffy trim so full and the two sides touching! The mint coloured fur is a gorgeous colour (always been a sucker for mint) and given that the shoe tends to hit right at the base of your ankle bone, it's actually a comfort as otherwise I could see this rubbing there. Another thing I noted was that the hair isn't long enough to get caught into the shoe when putting your foot in. I expected to be pulling the fur out and having to re-adjust it, but it already does it by itself or else the whole shoe tucks in, which is easy to ping back out. They are perfectly finished off with a high-shine metallic bow which is green but turns yellow, gold, pink and a brighter green in the light, which I've tried to capture in the photos below. It's the same used on the bunny face of the brown Snuggle Bunnies and it's seriously gorgeous stuff (so shiny). I bought these in my regular size (5/38) and generally am finding the squirrels quite generous. Unlike Nibbles, there's no need to size up or down on these, just stick with your usual size. There's enough room, just a little wriggle to get into them comfortably because of the shape. This style also come in blue floral with black furry trim and check back tomorrow for my final squirrel heel. What do you think, do you like these?

Wearing:  New Look leggings (old).
Fit: 3 3/4" heel. I found these true to size, so would recommend sticking with your usual size.
Comfort: Like I say, some people might find the sides rubbing at the ankle bone, though I think the fur trim should prevent this from being troublesome. wearing irregular choice mint green furry o nuttywearing irregular choice mint furry o nutty wearing irregular choice green floral furry o nuttywearing irregular choice furry o nutty squirrel heelsirregular choice green furry o nutty squirrel heels irregular choice metallic bow pink goldirregular choice metallic green bow


  1. Awww - these look so cute on you. I ordered the same pair and received them yesterday but they were just so uncomfortable I'm going to have to return them for refund. I was surprised at the detail on the squirrel too as his stomach is soft and furry. They also reminded me of my grandma's old slippers with the fluffy edge but this didn't put me off :)

    1. I love the fluffy tummy! Totally remind me of slippers and I don't have another style like this at the mo.

  2. These are the cutest ever!! I luv them for the winter, I LOVE IC ❤ So thanks to yur review ~ I gots myself the rose gold Call Me Cinders, I feel really tall in them but they make my legs look awesome so thank you again for the review, anytime I want to buy a pair of IC shoes, I'll check out yours and Irregular Thinking reviews, you both are very helpful. ❤❤

    1. No problem. Yeah I'm towering above everyone in them too and I'm pretty short without shoes. Well average height, but everyone thinks I'm tall because I always wear heels!


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