Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Day 1097 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing collectif hermione celia swan by clements ribeiro irregular choice take a chance
Shoes: Take A Chance Irregular Choice 

Hello, just a quick-ish post for you today as I've been feeling unwell this week. You've seen these shoes once before (here), but I wore them for real last week and thought you'd be interested in seeing how I styled them. They were released after the initial launch of dice heels at Schuh and Irregular Choice and as I'd already bought the Poker Joker boots, I couldn't afford these too. I'm not sure if I'd have gone for these over the boots if they'd both been available at once, it would've been a hard choice. You might recall I managed to get a pair in my size when I had saved for them and there were very few pairs left. My usual size 5/38 were insanely small though and I ended up having to return them and by then they'd gone completely and no store in the country had any left, so I wasn't sure I'd ever get them. Obviously seeing them on my feet now, you know that did happen and having worn them for a couple of hours, I can say without a doubt you need to size up in these.
I can recall the pressure across the top of my foot in the 5 (like honestly it felt like my foot might explode) when I was trying to persist with that size and my heel barely fitted into the back of the shoe, so that was painful too. In the 6/39 there's no such issue with length, but to be honest I can still feel a little of that pressure across the foot (though nothing on the scale of the smaller size). The thing is I remember loads of reviews saying how generous these were, that's why I felt confident buying the 5 at the time (annoyingly, I actually had the option of both sizes). Certainly for me, they were near impossible to stand up in, in my usual size and snug in width in the size up. They also fit nothing like Hypolita, if you have those from years ago (I did and again that left me convinced the 5 would be roomy). I said this in my original review, but there's just so many beautiful details on these and that holographic material has a croc-like finish but look at the photo below taken with the flash and all the beautiful colours they reflect.

It was too dark by the time I got dressed for outfit photos and I only had 10 minutes to get ready, so grabbed these things without thinking any of it through much. The dress is an old one from the Swan by Clements Ribeiro collection (I was a big fan of that range) and alas it's too big for me now (actually the first time ever something has been big in the bust), but I still love it and it's ridiculously comfy, so I'll likely keep wearing it as long as I can. I chose that first and as you can see it's wine, with gold threading and an ivory and blue pattern (not a colour combination I'd usually think of), so that was my reason for picking out the blue with the shoes. I used my gingerbread man clutch, because I've never had the opportunity to use any of these since I bought them a couple of years ago and y'know it's December, when else can I use him? Surprisingly it's big enough to hold a modern smart phone and I also had a big lipgloss, packet of tissues and my bus pass in there too.

I also pulled (more like nearly killed myself dragging) this Collectif coat out of my spare wardrobe. The wardrobe is blocked with crap and the door only opens a tiny bit, so I stuck my arm in, turned it back on itself (I can't even stand near the door which makes it worse) and felt for what I hoped was this one (I only have 3 Collectif coats in there just now because it used to be filled with shoes and I bought these coats last year and had nowhere else to put them as they are so heavy). Putting it away was even harder, my arm was very red afterwards! Don't even get me started on the other wardrobe, that one will eat me alive one day I'm sure of it! I hold my breath and hope for the best every time I have to get something in or out! Anyhow I digress, but the whole ensemble was a bit of a strange colour combo, but I rather liked it anyway. I miss getting to wear silly things like this and Clements freaking Ribeiro commented on my Instagram photo, which made me very happy! I'd gone out to Nardini's with my Mum and sister. They both had ice cream sundaes, I was rather sad and fancied a pot of tea and warm fruit scone. Thought you might appreciate seeing those below!

Wearing: Celia dress Swan by Clements Ribeiro (old), Hell Bunny blue Noelle cardigan (not shown, last year), Collectif blue Hermione swing coat (last year), New Look gingerbread man clutch (old) and wine tights Primark.
Fit: 4" heel, adjustable buckle on (generous) ankle strap. Small and tight fitting, I'd suggest buying a whole size up.
Comfort: A little tight across the widest part of my foot, but they have the comfiest lining ever, so aren't sore.  wearing irregular choice take a chance dice heelswearing irregular choice take a chance shoesirregular choice take a chance dice heelsnew look gingerbread man clutch bagnardini's ice cream sundae scone


  1. Your whole outfit must of have been so cute, yay rock those shoes ❤ they look great on you. I also loved the glittery boot version of them. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Thank you! Yeah haven't worn my boots yet, must do next time!

  2. I wish I could see the while outfit combined as you looked Amazing!!! Don't let the wardrobe eat you!!@x

  3. I really looooved the shoes, I so want a pair now! I love "different" shoes! Hope you have a great Christmas time and an even better new year!


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