Monday, 21 November 2016

Day 1089 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing irregular choice call me cinders
Shoes: Call Me Cinders Irregular Choice (Cinderella)

Apologies this is almost a week late, I wrote about my brief hiatus over on Pink Haired Princess earlier tonight, so that should explain my absence.  I've been desperate to show you these shoes too, so I was getting really agitated having to wait!! I had a feeling these would be the pair I'd really like (before release) but both Call Me Cinders and Home Before 12 (metallic pink with gold glitter) had been delayed and were released a couple of weeks after the initial Cinderella collection, so there was a bit of a wait.
I had a bit of a stressful time buying these to be honest (and managed to get my sister's bank card stopped in the process, sorry!), but nothing seems to be going right lately, so I'm becoming accustomed to it!  Sadly there were no character heels in this range (always my favourite), so instead we were treated to a magical, twirling Cinderella. Yep, just like the ballerinas. Owning the original Glissade, I knew they fitted small, so opted for the size up on these too. I feel they aren't quite as small fitting, maybe just a half size out, but this size feels really comfortable on me.

I think we were all expecting perspex of some kind as it's synonymous with both IC and the glass slipper in Cinderella and it comes into play on this pair. The surrounding border and platform is covered in silver glitter and the main part of the wedge heel is perspex with the carved detailing that we usually see on heels of this kind. Inside is a Cinderella figure in her blue ballgown, covered in glitter.  The underside of the sole of the shoe is mirrored silver, which is really cool as Cinderella is reflected in it. As with the ballerinas, there's a hole in the sole with a key up it, which you wind up to make Cinderella spin (just flick the ring down to turn, then pop it back up when wearing). It's a little fiddly and I snapped a couple of nails trying to grasp hold of the loop and turn it (probably my big fingers), but it's worth it when you see her moving. She goes pretty slow though, be warned! I put a video up on my Instagram for you to see her in action.  There's no music on these unfortunately, it really would've added to the magic, as it does with the ballerinas, but the sheer brilliance of an actual Disney princess rotating within the heel still amazes me.

I think it's easy for us to take for granted the concepts IC come up with, we somehow normalise it because so much of what they release pushes boundaries.  Even the character heels, we expect them now, whereas it used to be a novelty,  So I like to stop and remind myself every so often just how amazing their shoes are and I naturally found myself doing this whenever I opened the box of Call Me Cinders. I find myself staring at my character heel shelves and just marvelling that not only are they shoes (because most of them don't look like it), but that they are mine.  I just think it's an amazing thing that these exist in our world.  Even as recently as a few years ago, I wouldn't have believed it was possible to have Cinderella dancing within a shoe!  I've been too scared to wear my ballerinas yet (the only pair I've felt that way about), but I often take them out of their special light-box just to look at them and wind the ballet dancer up.  Now that I never walk, I might be a little braver about wearing these in the wheelchair.  To be honest it's more about worrying that other people will knock or accidentally kick them, rather than me being clumsy.  What do you think, are you amazed at dancing Cinderella?  I should have another pair from this range for you tomorrow (though I have an appointment, so it might be later on).    

Wearing: Primark Ariel pyjamas (yes, at this rate you're going to see all my pj's)!
Fit: 5 1/2" heel and 1 1/2" platform.  I sized up and find there's a little wiggle room.  
Comfort:  The foot feels very well supported in these and there's a large base to walk on, though I'm sure the heel and platform heights aren't for everyone.   wearing irregular choice call me cinders glitter persepx heelswearing irregular choice call me cinders wedge shoeswearing irregular choice call me cinders platformswearing irregular choice call me cinders shoes frontwearing irregular choice cinderella call me cinders shoeswearing call me cinders irregular choice shoes glitter wedgewearing irregular choice call me cinders heelsirregular choice cinderella call me cinders shoeirregular choice call me cinders rotating cinderella heel close up


  1. I haven't worn my ballerinas yet, as my wheelchair frame is warped and the left wheel spins out and can slap my foot. It's marked a few of my ICs (grr) but I'm waiting on repairs or a new chair before I wear them.

    I get that same little thrill when I look at my collection, too. I didn't get to get these, but I've got a lot of awesome up on those shelves.

    1. Argh, I also worry about the small front wheels attacking my shoes! Plus if they are too high, my legs get sore from being up around my ears (!) and I don't have the energy to change the footrest height for each pair of shoes!

  2. They are a technical feat, aren't they?!! They are very clever and really push the boundaries!x

  3. Oh yeah ~ whoa now I'm prolly 89% sure I'll go with Call Me Cinders but in the rose gold ~ but I still want the Speaking Slippers that light up but it's hard but I feel like I'm going to end up picking Call Me Cinders because I love them. Again thank you for posting this because it's helping me to decide. ^^

    1. lol "Sparkling" haha I'm a retard ~

    2. No problem. I kind of told myself I maybe didn't need the glitter ones because essentially they are "just" glitter courts and I have tonnes of those, but the lights are freaking awesome!


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