Monday, 21 September 2009

Day Thirty Five - Black and Pink

I shouldn't have used that as the title of this post as I'm now singing that really irritating 'Black & Gold' song by that bloke with the big, geek glasses. He's Australian I think, anyway he totally creeps me out in that video, crawling out and into the boot of the car, euch! Anyway, had a good shopping day today. I was actually taking back a few returns and ended up getting the shoes I've been after for some time (long story for another day!).Wearing my gorgeous pink House of Holland colour card tights, which don't photograph well-although the photo was very rushed before I left this morning and ASOS premium black suede shoes. I love the shape of these, they have a really rounded toe and are high up at the back with a folded over patent section which buckles at the front through two gold rings, cute and comfy!

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