Thursday, 24 September 2009

Day Thirty Eight - Organise It

I'm really sore today after re-organising my wardrobe last night. My Mum is on a massive cleaning spree and it's rubbed off on me. I had a box filled with hangers, so went through my rails and swapped the old ones for new ones. I've also been struggling to gain access to my converted Irregular Choice shoe wardrobe, so was trying to remedy that too. I'm coming to the realisation that I have way too much stuff and not enough storage space, but will it stop me buying? I doubt it!

So today I'm not even getting properly dressed, you instead get an image I took last week, before giving these shoes away. I actually bought them several years ago to wear as bridesmaid at my sisters wedding. We wore black dresses, very controversial-although not so much nowadays. The shoes have diamantes surrounding the heel at the back. Black corsage sandals with diamante heel New Look

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