Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Day Thirty - Can I See?

I took a trip to the the optician today. It's been 2 years since my last check-up. It turns out my prescription has only changed very slightly, but I wanted new frames regardless! It was a hard decision actually as they all looked really nice, the assistant said I looked like a walking spectacles advert! My Mum decided I either looked like Dame Edna or a sexy secretary who would toss her glasses off, let down her hair and rip her blouse open! We had lots of fun trying on different styles and it ended up being between a black Givenchy pair with the logo on the legs in diamante or another black pair with circular holes in the legs and a black and white striped inside. I ended up choosing the latter...I really wanted the Givenchy but more because they match my lipstick. I was forced to admit that the other pair did look better and as a bonus they were half the price of the Givenchy (quite an unjustifiable expense just to match your lippie)!Another gorgeous day today, I'm loving the surprisingly warm weather. Wearing gorgeous Irregular Choice green Venus heels.

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