Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Day Forty Four - Whats It All About

I like to wear shoes that are easy to take off when going clothes shopping and these zip up boots fit the bill. It turned out that I needn't have bothered yesterday though as the shoes in Primark and New Look were seriously disappointing. There were hundreds upon hundreds of styles in the latter, but nothing that caught my eye. Primark on the otherhand appear to never get new stock in the footwear department, it's been the same tired styles for at least 6 months.

I did get a cute little blue tea-dress though, which I didn't bother to try on as it's the same style as one I bought the other week. I also popped into Boots to pick up some of those new Maybelline lipsticks which look really gorgeous (and are currently on 3 for 2).
Wearing black leggings and 'Whats It All About' stone, peep-toe, wedge boots from Office

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