Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Day Forty Three - Bus Convo Is Classic

A little switcheroo with the shoes today. I've tried uploading the pics I took before leaving this morning, but after 3 unsuccessful attempts gave up. So it's another pair from the for-sale pile today. Only on the bus can you overhear such hilarious, random and stupid conversations as this.

An older tourist couple get on in St Andrews (you'll maybe only see the sense of humour (and accent) if you're from these parts) and sit behind this chav-ned guy who's as rough as. He then turns around to speak to the American lady and the conversation goes like this;

Chav: Where are ye fae? Are ye fae America?
American lady: Yes, Georgia USA, where are you from?
C: E'm fae Dundee eh. D'ye hae a gun in yer hoose?
AL: Sorry?
C: A gun, d'ye hae a gun?
AL: Pardon?
C: A pistol, a gun?
AL: Oh no, we don't
C: A'right, 'a right to bear firearms' an all eh
AL: Do you own a gun?
C: Ah havnae got a licence for a rifle yet....have ye always lived in America?

by which point my Mum and I are about on the floor with laughter. Honestly who asks 'where are you from' and follows up with 'do you have a gun'? Total pyscho! The poor couple didn't have a clue what he was saying (even I was struggling). Oh dear, it kinda made my day in an odd way!
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