Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Day 1183 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing patterned gaming tights with pinball themed wedge shoes
Shoes: High Score | Irregular Choice 

The Irregular Choice sale came to a close this week, so I bought the final pieces I'd had on my wishlist (well the bits that were still in stock). Then I got the guilts, even although I've been coveting them since they launched last year! I was in two minds about whether or not to keep these ones, but after trying them on with these tights, I decided they were a keeper. Unfortunately the photos turned out quite dark and brightening them just made the tights look white (when they aren't) and I was getting that moir√© thing going on too, so I've stalled on this post all day! However, here we are. They are a lightweight wedge, I was definitely expecting heavier. I love the pinball (sewn on) and the little red flicky bits which move. I forgot these lit up until I unboxed them and saw the button. The lights are white and flash down the outer side of the shoe (both feet) when you walk or else you can switch them off (they are non rechargeable). The shoe itself is very wide fitting and generally pretty roomy. They zip up the centre back and the ankle however, is tighter. It's not too small on me, but there's not a lot of room, so it definitely restricts the ankle movement a bit. The detail down the t-bar is embroidered, as are some of the bits around the shoe and the wedge is printed (I like the monkey game).  This colour were an IC exclusive, the brighter multi-coloured pair that perfectly matched the bag had a peachy shade I wasn't keen on.  My entire sale haul consisted of the darker versions in each style, which is most unlike me!  

The only debate I have with myself is if they are very "me". The gaming theme isn't totally my bag and while I know I like them (I've stared at them long enough all these months), I'm just a bit unsure if they totally fit my style. They certainly felt more me when I wore them with these tights. I maybe just need to play around with them with real clothes on, if the time ever comes where I leave the house!  What do you think?   

Wearing: Game Over Tights, Irregular Choice (past season).  
Fit: 4 1/4" heel and roughly 1" platform.  Centre back zip opening, on or off flashing lights (non rechargeable).  Bought my usual size (5/38), roomy and wide in the foot, smaller ankle strap with no stretch.  
Comfort:  Didn't find any issues in the shoe, the smaller ankle strap may be an issue for some.    
wearing pinball themed t-bar shoes with colourful gaming theme
wearing colourful wedge shoes with pinball scoring theme on t-bar
gaming themed wedge heeled shoe close up
wearing pixel gaming themed tights with colourful pinball shoes
wearing pixel game themed wedge platform shoes
back of silver metallic wedge shoes with zip fastening
wearing light up wedge shoes in the dark
close up of pinball detail on front of shoe
close up of pixel gaming print on side of wedge of shoe
close up of monkey pixel game print on side of shoe
close up of embroidered score targets on T-bar of shoe


  1. OMG they are just awesome :-D

  2. I wish irregular choice did more character heels...

    1. Characters are my favourite too, I love getting brand new heel concepts. Hopefully there will be some good stuff this year.

  3. They do look awesome, I just have such an irrational fear of back-of-the-foot zips that I totally couldn't wear these.

    1. They've been doing them quite a bit lately haven't they? I suppose because it means they can make both sides fancy too. I do know what you mean, I wince at the thought of the zip suddenly flying up and catching my skin!


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