Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Day 1182 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing shell and pearl embellished shoes with patterned tights
Shoes: Seafoam Queen | Irregular Choice 

Since it's 'revival' many years ago, I usually buy at least one pair of perspex heels every season from Irregular Choice. I really enjoyed the t-bar series; Tiny Ted, Pretty Poodle, Barnacle Betty and Blossom Bunny and then the slight change of shape for Bellissima. I guess these are in a similar vein, but I've been torn with whether or not to buy them. My initial reaction was that they were right up my street with all those beautiful blues and greens. You know I love pearls, so those big chunky ones are another tick and they have definite mermaid, under the sea vibes with the open shell. Everything is sounding good so far, yet there's something just not quite right for me and I'm not sure what it is. Is the shell feature too heavy and large for the shoe? Do I dislike that you're seeing the inside and not the smoother, polished outer side of the shell? Are the applique circles on the mesh uppers too much when paired with the shell, pearls and flowers? Is it the strap? I honestly don't know, I just put off buying them for months because I couldn't put my finger on it. Now that I've seen them in the flesh, I'm still of the same opinion; they're beautiful, they have aspects I should love, but there's something not quite right there. 

The uppers are mesh, semi transparent if you're looking close enough or have patterned tights on like I do here, with differing sizes of glitter throughout. They have the 'new' (really need to stop calling it that now) flexi sole (still with the paw grips under foot and winking kitty etched into the instep). I've come to love that sole, I wouldn't want it all the time, but I welcome the grip and flexibility every once in a while. The heel is sturdy, comfortable and I'm especially fond of it in this beautiful vibrant blue.  I always claim this as my 'go-to' wearable heel. I love the different materials used in the circles, you have that holo reptile, pearlized, metallic and glitter. These also come in a black mix or pinks, but you know me and blues and greens. The shell is metal, so it is a heavy embellishment, but doesn't restrict movement in any way.  It, along with the pearls, are stitched to the shoe, so you can't move them or close the shell. The strap doesn't go as high as the likes of Tiny Ted, which wraps around the ankle, but once more I appreciate the decent sized buckle. Are fiddly buckles an age thing? They do my head in now! 

I opted for my usual size and would say they are pretty true to size.  They come up a little short in length, but they aren't uncomfortable on and I feel like there's a little more leeway with that sole in that the shoe isn't very rigid and moves with your foot.  I can only be honest and say I do like these, but they aren't my favourite of all time. For the £30 ish I paid for them before Christmas, I have little to complain about.  What do you think?   

Wearing: SS18 Mermaid Tights, Irregular Choice (old). 
Fit: Just under 4" heel, (nice) buckle on strap. I stuck with my regular size and they feel reasonably true to size.  
Comfort:  Don't foresee any issues with these, very comfortable sole and sturdy heel.  
front facing feet wearing shoes with open oyster and large pearl detail on t-bar
lucite heeled shoes being worn with mermaid print tights
perspex heel shoes in aqua being worn with mermaid striped tights
blue and green patterned shoes with shell and pearl detail on front
mermaid inspired shoe on foot
Irregular Choice mermaid inspired shell and pearl shoes on feet
close up of artificial flowers, metal shell and large pearl detail on shoes
close up of open oyster shell on shoe with large pearls inside
close up of glitter mesh uppers of shoe with metallic applique dots
close up of large buckle on strap of shoe
close up of blue gradient perspex lucite heel on shoe


  1. I bought these almost as soon as they were released, and they're somewhere in the heap of shoes I've not yet gotten around to wearing :(

    1. I'm still undecided with them...they have everything I should love, there's just something awkward about them for me.


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