Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: REDValentino Silver Glitter Courts

I'm a little jumbled with posts, this is normally the Sunday slot, but oh well, it's my blog and I can move things around if I wish (actually I'm just rubbish at time management)! I think this is a little different to my usual high-end look, because it's not quite so formal, but I rather enjoy when you see something and aren't quite sure how it will evolve. Actually it began with the top, though the shoes have been on my radar.
They are RedValentino glitter block heel courts £335 in silver. The shape is almost identical to my Mum's wedding shoes actually-I only know because she gave me them as a teenager and I was going to dye them and wear them, but I can't remember what happened to that! Like I say though, the Alexander Wang top is what I began with, it's all one. A cropped jumper with tinsel effect finish and what looks like elasticated bands around the hem and cropped sleeves. Hanging below that is sheer chiffon, made to look like a blouse worn underneath (but actually there's a centre-back zip through it all). It's one of these items that I'm totally drawn to, but am not quite sure if I'd wear it or what with, which is why I was so keen to style it. I actually discovered a perfect match in these glitter leggings, but I felt it was all a bit too glittery (though is that possible?), so instead I opted for these leather trousers. I like the mix of that solid, smooth block of trousers with the floaty, sheer overlay and then more texture with the shoes and the jumper. Alexander Wang does texture so brilliantly, that I wanted to play on that even more. I finished the look with this silver, mirror clutch by Lulu Guinness (you can actually see your face in it, though it doesn't look it here). Not totally my usual style, but I really like this look, what do you think?The Shoe Girl Styles It: REDValentino Silver Glitter Courts
Worn with: Alexander Wang black tinsel chiffon dress £129.99 (sale), Topshop Unique 'Maida' leather jodphurs £350 and Lulu Guinness 'Chloe' silver mirrored box clutch £275.


  1. I love the shoes, they are superbly glittery. Not loving the leggings but I dislike leather trousers!x

    1. They do come in fabric too and much cheaper than the leather pair! I love those shoes too x


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