Friday, 23 October 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Iron Fist Cat Lady

In my final Iron Fist look of the week, I've gone all out with three fabulous items this time. I'd gone to post this earlier but have been feeling a bit unwell this evening.  I've come out in a reaction to something (no idea what), so I look like I own a cat that hates me, from the red scratches all over my arms! I don't know about you, but this week has just been so tiring too, I'm shattered.
Anyway the first IF item are these Cat Lady super platforms £69.99. The cute vintage kitty from the pink dress the other day also features on these shoes...and this matching skirt (my 2nd item). I thought it went really well with this slogan t-shirt and echo the views! The skirt is mega short, so I'd wear thick tights or leggings with it, but didn't have room for them here. I finished the look with this amazing cardigan to brighten things up. It has a waterfall front and a huge Care Bear on the back (my third item). I like that it's not in-your-face Care Bears if you know what I mean? It's masquerading as a standard cardi, then turn around and boom! It looks nice and snuggly for the colder days too.  What do you think, like this look?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Iron Fist Cat Lady
Worn with: Iron Fist Care Bears 'Love A Lot' drape sweater £58.99, Peacocks 'Hello Friday' t-shirt £10 and Iron Fist 'Pussycat Pussycat' skirt £24.99.


  1. The cardie is sensational!!! If it was blue, I'd be tempted! The whole look is utterly adorable.
    I hope the reaction sorts itself out-that's rubbish to have that happen.x

    1. Thank you. I was still itching the next day, but not so badly. No idea what it was, but my arms were covered in blood spots from scratching so much. I love the cardi too...I know what you mean, I would kinda like in another colour though.

  2. Oh, what cute shoes - love the contrast between the chunky soles and the vintage cat print.


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