Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Would You Wear...?

Hola! A new feature that I thought might be fun (feel free to tell me otherwise), where we discuss a random pair of shoes and inevitably ask, would you wear them? I'm going to pick ugly, weird, wonderful, anything that I think will provoke a reaction (and we all know my footwear choices aren't exactly run of the mill). I am partnering up with my other blog Pink Haired Princess to ask the same question, though there it will be anything fashion related rather than shoes specifically. So pop on over to see a rather strange item this week!  I'll also hopefully embed a poll within the post (if I know how), but I'd like to hear your thoughts in the comments section too, especially if you opt for the 'maybe' category.  Next week, we'll see whether you rated or slated these shoes.  River Island strappy khaki mules stock photos

So, up for discussion are these khaki, strappy mules from River Island £55. I used to really like RI shoes, but I can't say much has caught my eye from them lately, until these and for me, that wasn't in a good way. I literally can't think of anything positive to say about these. The khaki suede feels a bit dated and the pointy toe just amplifies that mood. Maybe a rounder toe would've 'saved' them a little? The skinny straps feel out of proportion to the rest of the shoe yet I can't help but feel I want another one (slingback or ankle strap or something). Maybe in the 90's I'd have looked upon these more favourably but right now I'm yelling at my teenage self not to buy them (oh and while we're chatting, like everyone has a phone now and hashtags are actually a 'thing' and social media is like huge)! Anyway, conclusion is, it's a definite thumbs down from me, but what do you think? Don't hold back, be honest, it's only a little bit of fun!  Altogether now, "U.G.L.Y. you ain't got no alibi, you ugly, hey, hey, you ugly..."!


  1. I said perhaps, but... I don't know. I tend to prefer with a round toe, like you said... it would save the shoe. What I liked was that you said "feel free to have another opinion" and I totally agree with that... disagreeing is exchanging, why not? I read a blog today that listed, extensively, that people disagree with the writer's opinions and that it is awful :) So good to read your text!

    1. That's a good point Denise. I think as well, something can look terrible at first, then someone makes a brilliant outfit around it and makes it look amazing and can change your opinion or vice versa. Of course there are some things we just instinctively know we dislike or like x

  2. Replies
    1. I'm surprised at RI putting something like that out there!

  3. I actually really hate these shoes.


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