Sunday, 19 April 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Supertrash Peekaboo

Supertrash Peekaboo oil slick courts stock image
My "being more organised" thing starts tomorrow I promise! I was working on another post today (forgetting I had TSGSI still to do) and thankfully this one came together very quickly, though I'm posting it late!
The shoes are Supertrash 'Peekaboo' £120 and look at that gorgeous oil slick finish. They are predominantly grey, but this outfit is by no means dull. I decided to go all #fblogger for this look, teaming the shoes with this delightful Coast skirt. Coast produce the most gorgeous full skirts each season and I love the mint floral print on this one. Then I threw a curveball by adding this Karl Lagerfeld sweatshirt. It looks reasonably fitted, but I'd buy it as slim fitting as possible and wear it as high up on the waist as you can, so it doesn't get lost in baggy-ville with the full skirt. The dreamy bag is also Karl Lagerfeld and the adorable kitty ear sunglasses are by Linda Farrow. Colour wise we're matching, style wise we're contrasting. I like it. What do you think?Polyvore outfit set for Supertrash Peekaboo shoes worn with Coast mint skirt, Karl Lagerfeld sweatshirt and bag and Linda Farrow sunglasses
Worn with: Coast mint Jolie skirt £129, Karl Lagerfeld sweatshirt £145 and 'Klassik' handbag £285 and Linda Farrow cat ear sunglasses £200.


  1. I always regret not buying this Amazing Karl Lagerfeld white blouse I saw on ASOS. It was £85 which I felt I couldn't justify but I.always think of it when I hear his name. This is a really sweet yet stylish look.x

    1. Sounds amazing. Yes I've got some of those regrets too, money I couldn't afford at the time, but look back and wish I'd realised what a good buy it could've been.

  2. Wow, these shoes are really gorgeous! I liked the way you paired them with this amazing skirt! And by the way, guess who doesn't even know where to start cleaning a room... hahaha, yes, me, the super slow :) So being more organised goes to me, too :) (just 2 rooms :) I hate mess!)


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