Friday, 17 April 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Adidas Superstar Supercolour Red

Adidas Superstar Supercolour Red
Goal for next week: be more organised! I was doing so well and then the past couple of weeks, I've just lost it. I've been chasing my tail, wondering how I ever had time to post more than one thing a week! So yes, another late post, but, big but, my shoe shelves are on their way for my shoe room, whooooop! My laminate arrives tomorrow and they come back to fit it on Wednesday, so I went ahead and spent all my savings on cabinets and shelves. I mentioned this on Facebook, but it took way too long trying to work out exactly what would fit in the room, what was needed and how many and what type of shoe it would hold. Hopefully I've covered all my bases. Let's not think of the nightmare ahead trying to navigate hundreds of pairs of shoes into some sort of order on the shelves.
I also had physio, which was the last thing I felt like today (woke up feeling very sorry for myself), but it was nice to get out after 5 weeks inside. I also got to use the new shiny bright pink dumbbells (much prettier than the tin of beans I use at home), so that was cool. Maybe a day in the gym and spending money on 'sensible' things has rotted my brain, but here we are with trainers to style. Yes indeedy! A week or so ago, my inbox was going crazy over the new release of Adidas Superstar Supercolour by Pharrell Williams (Red £66.99). The reason being the amount of colours in the collection.  Now I'll fully admit I'm out of my depth when it comes to trainers, but even I can see these are kinda cool. They literally come in a rainbow of colours and what's so neat is the entire shoe, down to the laces is all one shade. You've got lots of different materials in one shoe, so it's baffling how each piece colour matches exactly (different fabrics absorb dye in different ways). I don't know exactly how they do it, but it's impressive, it's like they've just been sprayed one colour inside and out. Anyway I sort of went down this 'casual Friday' route, if that's still a thing? With denim dungarees! I'm way outta my comfort zone already, so I may as well just keep running!! I believe you earn bonus points if you undo one strap on these and leave it hanging. Instant coolness. Apparently. I placed this polka dot frilled blouse underneath, adding contrasting gingham socks, a kitsch popcorn ring and this adorable SkinnyDip milk carton bag. I just bought this bag today, because I managed to miss it several times before, dilly dallying! Not this time, arrives tomorrow, booyah! Ok, did I just totally lose it (and you) with this post, or did I manage to make a weirdly genius sort of random outfit? At this point, I have no idea, muahaha!The Shoe Girl Styles It: Adidas Superstar Supercolour Red
Worn with:  Jolie Moi red polka dot blouse £24 (sale), Select acid wash denim Dora dungaree £19.99 and gingham socks £1.99, SkinnyDip milk carton bag £25 and Claire's Katy Perry popcorn ring £8.  


  1. I love this outfit. So cute. Saw these trainers the other day, almost made me want to wear trainers!

  2. I loved the shirt you selected and the socks! I love red, my favorite color, but for snerkers I have a friend who looooves the total red look, so I will show your post to her!

  3. I like the shoes a lot! (And it is really impressive how the entire shoe is in one shade, very cool. I'd either go for the red ones or for hot pink ones:))

    And yay! I love that bag (and own it!! I've already worn mine out and it fits quite a lot of stuff actually.)

    1. The pink ones are fab, quite like the sky blue and lilac too. The bag was a lot bigger than I expected actually!


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