Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Shoe Girl Styles It: Miss L Fire Flamingo A Gogo

Miss L Fire pink Flamingo A Gogo
I'm seriously crushing on the latest Miss L Fire collection. So many gorgeous flat sandals and little heels, that I'm wishing I could walk in! I love the styles as they are though, so I'm not sure I want a heeled version, but anyway I digress. I thought this week I'd take a closer look at the collection and give you some styling ideas if you've bought or are thinking of buying them.
Starting with the pink Flamingo A Gogo £65. As if the embroidered flamingo sprawled across your foot isn't enough, they have pink, sparkly uppers! Gorgeous. There's a tiny wedge heel (like literally a couple of cm) and the teensiest platform. There's a strap going around the back of the heel (like a slingback) with a buckle fastening on the strap across the front of the ankle. The flamingo (and flowers) sit on a T-bar and there's a small peep toe. My only advice is if you want these, act fast, they've been selling out everywhere on pre-orders and early birds!  That link above, has them in sizes 3-7 with free delivery.  Ok, once you get your head around me styling flats (which I do occasionally), I'll tell you I've styled them with shorts. Yes a first on TSGSI (I think) because I'm not particularly fond of shorts, but much like the shoes, I so want to love these. Look at that gorgeous dolly print! New in from Iron Fist. I would wear it with a plain, fitted cardigan on top and here I accessorised with a matching mermaid ring and necklace. A large flamingo (or doll) brooch if you have one, would look awesome though. Tomorrow, I have another stunning style from Miss L Fire, so be sure to check it out. What did you think of this outfit?The Shoe Girl Styles It: Miss L Fire Flamingo A Gogo
Worn with: Dorothy Perkins pink cotton cardigan £12.80 (sale), Iron Fist 'Doll Parts' shorts £24.99, Inox mermaid necklace £12.99 and ring £10.99.


  1. I think they look very nice and original! I liked the pieces you chose to pair with the shoes, especially the necklace and ring, so sweet with the mermaid! And skirts with floral patters are always a must for me :) So I loved the pieces!

  2. These shoes are gorgeous! (I only have one pair of Miss L Fire shoes, these fun wedges that are like ice cream cones; Asos used to have this brand but sadly not any more:/) I love the mini skirt too!

    1. That's right, they did have them. I can't actually remember where I bought the couple of pairs I have from.


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