Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Day 1025 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing navy ditsy floral print shoes with perspex heel
Shoes: Blue floral 'Hello Ha' Irregular Choice 

Hola! I ordered a truck load of shoes over Easter (I swear it's for blogging purposes-to keep Shoesday Tuesday going that little bit longer, wink, wink) and these were one of the pairs. I completely fell in love with the original Hello Ha and am still gutted I never got my hands on the mint ones, but sometimes you have to prioritise 'this' for 'that' and then somewhere down the line, it's too late and they've gone. Such is life, though I'll continue looking and hopefully get them one day!!  The tweed ones that came next, I wasn't overly enamoured with, but this season, the geo floral prints and bright, bold florals are really lovely.
Then came an added extra; blue, cream and pink ditsy floral prints, which I liked even more. I haven't seen the pink anywhere in the UK yet, but when I found the navy and cream, I snapped them up. Hesitancy would not be my downfall this time! I think when IC reproduce the same style in so many different colours and prints, it's easy to become kinda nonchalant about them (I tend to get like that with Abigail's Party), even when you really like them. So I'm reminding myself not to feel that way about these, because when I put them on, they are just dreamy.  Yes we've seen that heel before and the general shape I have umpteen variations of, but for good reason. They are ridiculously pretty!  The cut-out upper on this style creates such a flattering shape, but be warned they come up small. I had that sussed beforehand and even the size up 'just' fits and there's no leeway with those straps at all, so take heed.  Now, I firmly have my eye on the others this season!  What do you think, do you like these?

Fit:  Heel just under 4", very small and narrow, take full size up.
Comfort:  Once they've been broken in a bit and softened, I don't see any issues with these. Irregular Choice navy ditsy floral shoes with perspex heelsfeet facing forwards wearing navy floral shoes with blue bow


  1. True we know the heel, like you mentioned, but it doesn't matter - they have variations on the style and I love 99% of them all - I am really a fan of Irregular Choice, perspex heel and floral patterns, so this pair is a must for me :) I simply love it! So feminine and playful at the same time, and the heel is very comfortable!

    1. Absolutely, like our turquoise ones with the knitted sweetie? I love them. I have no idea how many of these heels I have!

  2. Yes, I really like them. They're one of a couple of pairs I'm considering when I next get to choose a pair.

  3. These are lovely. I would if (let's all join in with Kezzie's usual refrain.."They weren't so high!"

  4. I love the little bow and the print is lovely. :))

  5. Very very cute! Love the added interest of the cutouts.


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