Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Day 1193 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing bright blue shoes with ankle cuff and rainbow winged heel with seahorse striped tights
Shoes: Dreamscape | Irregular Choice 

Big post today, lots to get through, because after 5 months of not buying any new season Irregular Choice, I finally have a brand new style! These launched last Friday, with a completely new concept heel and wow, just wow! One style (Bouquet Belle) were exclusive to IC, then Bouquet Beauty and these, Dreamscape, came in 2 colours each. There was also a bag, which I'm getting for my birthday, it's sooo cute. I expected a bigger collection or selection of items to be honest. I was hoping for tights and some other accessories, though these tights look great with them. First, let's talk about sizing as it was a big worry for me buying online. From those who'd tried them, I'd heard the actual shoe runs a little large but the cuff around the ankle was very small. My legs are probably on the slimmer side when compared to the rest of my body (proportion wise), but at the moment, I'm at my heaviest, so this is as big as my legs get and I'll be really honest and say I've noticed they are bigger. In real life and photos here (unfortunate thing having to stare at your own legs and feet whilst editing blog photos 🤣) I can see they are bigger and less defined than they used to be. So, what I'm trying to say is, I feared the worst with these. This portion of the shoe is more than just an ankle strap, it's a cuff, part of the overall design. It's non-removable, though would be easy enough to cut off (just a tiny thin piece of fabric keeping it attached), but would you want to deface an almost £300 pair of shoes, especially when it's such a big part of the design? That would certainly be the easier option than trying to add something extra to the cuff to lengthen it. I knew the button was non-functional and that the strap fastened with Velcro, but I wasn't sure how I felt about a half covered piece of Velcro showing. Would it be secure enough to stay closed? Would it look ugly? Should I just keep them and hope I slim into them? I was hoping I could think of a pair that used to fit me but are tight around the ankle now to compare and prepare for the arrival of these and maybe decide about keeping them, but then they arrived and as you can see the cuff is not an issue at all for me. 

I don't want to flippantly say I don't know what the fuss was about, because obviously others have found it a problem, but I can only speak for myself here and say, I didn't find them small fitting. When I've had straps that require more or less holes, button holes needing cut longer or zips struggling over my foot, I tell you.  I was so, so surprised that I closed it and covered the Velcro entirely and did so without struggle. It's actually a really nice fit on me, not tight (I can wiggle a finger down there if needs be), but sits flush against my leg. The only issue for me is making sure I've covered the Velcro properly, like sometimes you place it too high and the curves don't match up if that makes sense. The Velcro (how many times can I say that in one post?) is the same colour as the cuff, so it's not mega obvious unless you're looking closely. 

I didn't size up, these are a 5/38. The shoe part definitely is roomy all over and I think sizing up (for the cuff) would only result in the shoe being too big and you slipping about inside. As it is, it's very comfortable, not so big I'm slipping out, but just a comfortable fit and I can easily wear thick tights or socks if I want. The bit that is going to bug the hell out of me though is the gold dangling stars. They're pretty, they're heavy, I like them, but my God, they are annoying. They really swing and clash when you walk, so you have to prepare to get pelted and also for the noise of them. Their lengths I feel, have been carefully thought out, so they aren't long enough to swing and hit (and crack) the heel or become completely tangled with each other. 

The shoe (and heel) is quite a heavy one, though I'm so unused to shoes at the moment that anything would feel weighty. No, these are a little heavier than some characters for sure. I also got my first new season box and sole with Hilda the hippo! It's such a cheery, colourful theme, I like it (it's actually been my phone wallpaper for a while). What else? The uppers are as vivid as they look here, the stock photos are a little washed out. The platform is holographic (no reptile textured finish, just plain), so it really reflects into pink, yellow, blue, green, purple etc. The heel tip is very small, especially considering how large the wing becomes at the top. 

Oh, the lights! I wrote the bit below first, so thought I'd already spoken about it! Okay, there's 3 different lights. Bulbs in the uppers and in the heel. These have their own buttons to activate or else turn off and they flash when you walk, white lights. I haven't shown these in this post as it would've involved a lot of stomping or slamming into my hand and it's too tricky to do when you're trying to photograph it yourself too. The other lights are piped, much like my Warp Speed boots. This light again shines white and has it's own on/off switch on the inside (of the inner side of the shoe). This one has three settings, either staying on, slow flash or quick ("fit inducing" I call it) flash. To turn them back off, you have to run through all the options (on, slow, fast). This part is rechargeable with a USB, the twinkling, flashing lights aren't and the other two styles in this collection just have the flashing lights, hence the slightly lower price. I have very old, non-rechargeable light-up IC shoes that are still going strong, so I don't think it's much of a worry and you do have the option to turn these off. 

I love the colours in the heel.  It's got a bit of a sheen, not a glossy finish, but not too matte.  I expected it to look a bit gauche if I'm honest, but it's lovely.  There's little jewels in there as well as the lightbulbs.  I love the way it flicks up at the back of the heel.  I don't think I've ever gone so long without buying new season (I have bought some sale stuff from last year), but I think my subconscious knew these were coming!  They did sell super quickly on Friday, so if you missed them, sign up for stock notifications and keep stalking, because there may be returns.     

Wearing:  Lady Daisy Tights, Irregular Choice (old).   
Fit: 5 1/4" heel and 1" platform. Slip on with large Velcro fastening on (non removable) ankle strap. Three light switches on inner inside of shoe to activate flashing lights (bulbs) in heel and uppers when walking. Piped lighting on uppers has three settings, constant, slow flash and fast flash. All lights can be set to off. Only piped lighting is rechargeable with USB. 
Comfort:  I found these very comfortable, minus the annoying stars.  The platform compensates for a good part of the high heel.  The heel tip can be a wobbly though as it's so small.  
wearing vivid blue shoes with gold dangling stars and ankle cuff
close up of rainbow wing heeled shoe on foot with striped patterned tights
side view of legs with colourful unicorn tights and blue winged shoes
back of winged heel shoes with ankle cuff and striped tights
rainbow angel winged heeled shoes in vivid blue on feet
wearing light up winged shoes in vivid blue
close up of light up shoes with winged heel
light up Irregular Choice shoes in dark room on feet
Irregular Choice Dreamscape blue wing heeled shoes on wooden floor
Irregular Choice Dreamscape light up shoes in dark room on wooden floor
close up of rainbow angel wings heels on shoes
rainbow winged heel of shoe in front of shoe shelves
close up of reptile textured metallic blue uppers on shoe
close up of holographic material platform in front of shoe shelves
small heel tip on angel wing heel of shoe
bright hippo design on sole of shoe


  1. Those lights are incredible! I thought of you the other day as I managed to get a pair of irregular choice shoes in the charity shop! My first ever pair


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