Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Day 1192 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing embroidered navy knee high boots with fish jacquard print
Shoes: Hiccup | Irregular Choice 

Hi gang! Just a quick post this week as I don't have time to edit more photos (these were from Instagram in 2019).  I would've worn different tights had I known I was posting here as resizing the pics results in moiré because they are shiny and shimmery.  Anyway, I've been trying to be semi-social this past week or so (given that I never go out), so have been signing up to lots of online classes and events.  This week, I have the Glamour Big Beauty Call, next week it's Vogue's 5 Days Of Beauty.  I also regularly attend Guerlain and Clarins masterclasses, but for someone that never has anything planned, I'm worrying I'll forget to attend or that I'm double booking (think it's Clarins and Glamour tomorrow, then Guerlain and Glamour on Thursday).  I'm trying to get everything done before the classes, as I know I'll tire myself out if I try to do two things at once, but my head's all over the place and I just got side-tracked by the delivery of 4 parcels (a long wait until payday again 🤣)!  Anyway nothing to do with these boots.  
They have a bit of a backstory as there's 2 versions of them.  The first release were these, with the "new" flexi sole (that's sooo no longer new, but you know what I mean).  The trouble was the dye ran into that pale pink.  So a second batch used a darker sole to mask that.  I actually really liked the pink, I felt it lifted the otherwise dark boot, because the heel tip changed colour too and I liked the pink here.  I knew I was getting the pink when I bought these on eBay and was fine with that.  You can see some dark patches on the soles especially at the sides, but like I say, the colour appealed to me more.  

The embroidery is obviously the stunning part you should be looking at.  I absolutely love all those bright colours and the darker part of the uppers actually has fish on it.  There's a centre back zip and the shaft dips at the back of the leg and is higher at the front.  I also adore the tassel on the zip, it's perfect.  I bought the size-up (6/39) because I heard they were very tight and even so, these 'just' do up on me and no more.  There's no give in the leg whatsoever, so they'll either fit or not.  There's also no elastic gusset or stretchy material to help.  I do find the legs very close fitting compared to other IC boots.  I'm guessing now my legs won't fit in these, if they just managed to back then!  If I recall correctly the foot wasn't huge either.  I'd definitely recommend sizing up and if you usually struggle in the leg with boots, these probably won't be for you.    
Wearing:  Blue shimmery tights, old. 
Fit:  Just under 4" heel, rubber flexi-sole and full length centre back zip opening.  Small fitting, especially in the leg (even in the size up for me).   
Comfort:  My thumb and finger hurt for hours after zipping these up if I remember correctly 🤣
side view wearing knee high colourful embroidered boots with shaded perspex heel and tassel zip at back
lying on floor wearing embroidered floral colourful navy boots with tassels
pair of navy and floral embroidered boots lying on floor with green tassel zip detail
close up of bright floral embroidery on front of boot shaft
fish brocade fabric on uppers of knee high boots
close up of dark graded persepx heel with carved detail and pink tip


  1. Love the little tassels and the online classes sound fantastic. Lucy. Did you ever get the k pop sticker I sent?x

    1. Yes, thank you, was such a lovely surprise and so perfect! Sorry I haven't been on Instagram, I replied to a comment of yours a while back about the sticker, but I know it's easy to miss replies. How have you been?


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