Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Day 1191 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing ice cream sundae heeled shoes with fishnet tights
Shoes: Deckchair Diva | Irregular Choice

I had to rake through my photos folders for these images after being too knackered to photograph anything this week, combined with very poor weather.  It's proper dark and cold today, like needing a light on during the day kinda dark and ice hitting your face (so my sister tells me).  Apparently it's to be like this until mid May.  Say it isn't so!  Anyway, I have tonnes of photos I took when I was doing the IC challenge in 2019 on Instagram, including lots of styles I've yet to review here.  This was the ice cream sundae heel (not to be confused with the twice released ice cream cone heels) which launched for Spring 2018.  I bought Arctic Roll, with the pom-poms and tassels, in the summer sale (how I held my nerve until then, I don't know) and then saw these for under £50 on eBay the next January.  I really loved this release; fun heel, bright colours, glitter and all the mismatched fabrics and trims, it was the IC I love.  A lot and I mean a lot of people felt the pom-pom/tassel thing was too much on AR and removed them 🤯, sparking "pom-pom-gate".  I just found it weird because it was a) the main focus of that style and b) IC made other plain glitter shoes in almost the exact same style (obviously without this heel), so I don't understand customising into something that pretty much already exists. I digress.  I love DD because of all that colour and materials clash going on.  There's mirror metallics, embroidery, applique, heart print and somehow it all just works together.  

I bought my usual size (5/38) as that's what I had in AR, these are smaller I'd say.  Although there looks like a lot of toe room (wide), you're pretty crammed in there.  It's that tapered shape that cuts across the toes to come to a point and I know some people find that uncomfortable anyway, but especially so, if they are on the small side.  They are tight across the top of the foot too, I'm not bulging, but there's no space.  Essentially slip-on, there's that winged detail with lacing, which I need tied widely across my foot.  There's not a lot of length to the shoe either.  It wouldn't hurt to size up, especially if you're between sizes.  Oh and the toe as you can see in my photos, is very upturned too, so that often feels a little odd.  Above, you can see how much it lifts off the ground and generally this shoe is very hard.  I personally love the heel for height, it's sturdy to walk on and you're not worried about any bits getting caught as it's quite contained under the foot.

This style also came in a brighter mix (pink, red, yellow, blue), AR came in black or bright pink and there was another style, Ice & Slice, which came in orange glitter with pink metallic or lemon yellow glitter with pastel suedette.  The heel really does look good enough to eat and I love the little teddy in it. 

Wearing: Blue fishnet tights, part of a set, House of Holland for Pretty Polly (old).   
Fit: 4 1/4" heel and small platform (3/4"), tie front.  Small all over, especially in the front.  May wish to size up.    
Comfort: I find the heel really sturdy and easy to walk on, you do have a bit of a rocking motion when walking with that upturned toe.  
wearing multi coloured metallic and glitter shoes with fishnet tights
wearing ice cream sundae heeled shoes with heart print
wearing ice cream shaped heels in bright colours
back view wearing ice cream sundae heeled shoes
wearing heart print shoes with metallic details and ice cream sundae heels
wearing Irregular Choice SS18 ice cream sundae shoes
wearing House Of Holland fishnets and ice cream sundae shoes
metallic tie front shoes with heart print and ice cream sundae shaped heels
holding ice cream sundae heeled shoe in hand with shoe room in background
close up of pointed toe shape of shoe with metallic and embroidered materials
close up of ice cream sundae character heel on shoe

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