Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Day 1189 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing blue thigh high boots with pink glitter heel
Shoes: Finders Keepers | Irregular Choice 

I'm going to tell you from the outset that these photos are rubbish! It kept snowing on and off, filling the room with blue light and I didn't have the energy or time to retake them.  I've adjusted as best I could, but the lighting/colours aren't perfect (particularly of the heel, which I'll come onto later).  So after falling in love with the Satine thigh high boots and eventually buying them, albeit slightly apprehensively, as I wasn't sure how flexible they were going to be at the knee (given I'm usually in a wheelchair), I was really pleased to see different uppers of the same style in these Finders Keepers for AW19.  They have such retro Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, Polly Pocket vibes with the beautiful, colourful embroidered hearts and rainbows.  The sky blue uppers have a sheen when they turn to the light and the block heel in reality is a much brighter, almost neon, warm-pink.  It wasn't the snow that caused them to look lighter, they are just that type of colour that photographs very differently to how it looks in real life.  There's bigger silver circular sequins in amongst the glitter on the heel.  

They feel slightly stiffer than Satine.  I was struggling to bend at the knee (didn't even attempt sitting).  Maybe they are just stiff because they are unworn, but I'm wary of being able to wear these in the wheelchair.  You have a full length centre back zip and either side of that a very stretchy velveteen fabric, which really helps if you have bigger thighs like me.  There's also a small elastic gusset at the top inner thigh, which isn't quite as generous in stretching.  The velvet strip is more noticeable on these given it's contrasting colour, whereas it's black on my dark grey Satine, so doesn't stand out so much.  I felt the legs generally weren't as neat a fit against my legs as Satine; they seemed baggier without being any bigger in size.  The foot is true to size, erring on generous.  Had I sized up, they would have been too big in the foot for sure. 

If you've followed my blogs long enough, you'll know I don't wear short-short dresses or skirts, so some people may find it strange I buy over the knee boots.  I just like this style.  I'm never going to wear something where the full length of the boot is on show-I was struggling hoiking my dress up for these photos, to both fit in the frame and not flash my bum!  Usually I'd be in something below the knee or mid-calf.  I know the boots are there, even if everyone else doesn't, it's a bit like wearing a fancy bra that nobody else will see.  I have a third pair in this style, which I'm toying with showing you next week, but they are a bit of a hassle to get on.  I could do with another pair of hands as I'm trying to pull the sides together and zip up at the same time, worrying I'll catch my skin in it and obviously being behind me, I can't see! Anyway, we'll see, I still have piles of stuff I haven't reviewed here, so there's no worry of posts ever running out even if nothing new has caught my eye lately at IC.  

Fit: 3 1/2" heel, no platform. Full length back zip, velveteen strip up centre back and small elasticated gusset on inner thigh.  Bought my usual size (5/38) and the foot is on the generous side, the leg of the boot will depend on your legs, but I do think they are quite generously sized.   
Comfort:  Feel stiffer than Satine, so could be an issue with bending at the knee, very comfortable in the foot/heel.  
wearing blue boots with embroidered rainbows and clouds and hearts
close up wearing pink glitter heeled boots in blue with embroidery
front wearing blue over the knee boots with embroidered details
wearing Irregular Choice thigh high boots in blue
back view wearing over the knee boots with back zip and velveteen stretch panel
wearing thigh high boots with embroidery
bent legs in thigh high boots
sky blue over the knee boots with colourful embroidery
blue embroidered thigh high boots on wooden floor
close up of stars, hearts and rainbow embroidery on boot uppers
elasticated gusset in top of thigh high boot
almond shaped toe of boot
pink glitter block heel of boot

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