Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Day 1188 - Shoesday Tuesday

close up wearing organza frill ankle socks and fuzzy bunny heeled shoes
Shoes: Hop Along | Irregular Choice 

In March 2016, Irregular Choice released another variation of their bunny heel. There was just one style (Hop Along), sold alongside three colours of Bunnie Love; a perspex heeled court with bunny ears and pom pom tail. As much as I loved the new heel, the colour put me off. White isn't exactly practical and I already had the glitter bunny heeled Bunnykins in white lace that had launched the previous Christmas. I couldn't justify it, so instead bought the pink Bunnie Love, which I had to send back twice because I wasn't happy with them (frayed and snagged ribbons and some marks to the uppers), so I didn't get anything in the end from that launch. It's forever niggled at me, that I didn't own these, because the heel is so cool and it was the only finish I didn't own, but fast forward to last summer and Irregular Choice added some oldies to their sale including a pair of Hop Along in my size. They were £59.99, I didn't hesitate! Actually I say they were my size, they were (a 5/38), but in older character heels I tended to size up, so I wasn't sure they'd fit. They do, though they are a little snug in length especially with my feet a bit bigger just now (step away from the Easter chocolate!), but they aren't unbearable and it's no struggle to get my feet into them. 

The heel part that I thought really cool, is just that, it's amazing. It's flocked, which we've seen on very few animal releases (the swan and the tummy of the squirrels). I think I'm correct in saying the bunny has come in the most different finishes. I photographed them all below...then remembered I hadn't included the "Paint Your Own" heel which launched last year (just plain white for you to put your own design on), which I haven't decorated yet. The original (spotty) has pink contours, which they replicated in the fuzzy version and the pink was even brighter in the neon release (lilac) for Family Reunion in 2019. Then there's the mirrored gold heel, transparent "jelly" release which came in several different colours and the white glitter I mentioned from 2015 (also came in black). 

I find these a bit more wearable than Bunnykins to be truthful. The white isn't as stark, more of an off-white and it's got a pearly finish to it and the material doesn't feel or look quite as delicate. They have the same short tongue and bunny ear detail that the court shoes had and a little pom pom tail at the back. It's super small in comparison to the fluffier gold heeled Fluffy Tail, but still cute.  There's very subtle glitter in the heart cut-outs down the sides of the shoes.  

I personally find the bunny a really easy heel to walk on as it's very solid and wedge-like and there's no sticky-out bits to be mindful of.  I'm so happy I have the full set now, well not every bunny shoe/colour ever released, but I don't feel the need to have that, just one of each heel.  I think the fuzzy one might be my favourite actually, he's mega cute like that.  I do love the glitter though and the transparent one.  I can't choose between the uppers...you have glitter rainbows, pom poms, light-up neon signs, bows and polka dots.  I love all those things!  

I wonder if I could wear bunny themed shoes for a whole month actually, as I can think of a lot of bunny IC's I have.  I included accessories too when I did a bunny themed month for the #365daysofIrregularChoice challenge a couple of years ago, but I reckon I'd come close to it with just shoes.  

Wearing:  Organza frill ankle socks, ASOS (old).   
Fit:  4 1/4" heel and small concealed platform (3/4"), slip on style.  A little short in length in my usual size, bearing in mind I used to size up in older character heels and didn't here (my bunny heels are a mix of 38's and 39's).   
Comfort:  At the moment I couldn't wear these for a long time, but the heel is easy to walk on with a wedge like appearance.  
front of legs wearing mesh socks and bunny eared shoes with pink bow on front
wearing flocked bunny heeled shoes with glitter hearts and organza frill ankle socks
back of flocked bunny heeled shoes with pom pom tail at back
wearing bunny heeled shoes with glitter heart detail
bunny eared court shoes being worn with organza frill socks
close up of bunny heeled shoe on foot with heart detailing and pom pom
flocked bunny heeled shoes on wooden floor
close up of fuzzy bunny shaped heel of shoe
Irregular Choice fuzzy bunny shaped heel on shoe
close up of tow of shoe with pink polka dot bow and bunny ears
close up of glitter heart cut outs on uppers of shoe
Irregular Choice bunny heeled shoes in various forms in row
6 Irregular Choice shoes with different bunny shaped heels


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