Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Day 1190 - Shoesday Tuesday

legs wearing colourful sushi theme tights and printed shoe with lucite heel
Shoes: Bento Baby | Irregular Choice

I just remembered about these shoes that I bought from the last Irregular Choice sale and haven't spoken about.  You know how I was a little unsure about Seafoam Queen? Well whenever I saw Bento Baby, I knew they were the perspex heel of the year for me.  They were part of the sushi collection with Sarsparilly which included clothes and this particular pair were an IC exclusive colourway.  There was another variation (same style but different name) with the chrome finish to the heel instead of being transparent and yellow and lilac uppers, but I loved everything about this pair.  The uppers are pink and green; my favourite colour combo and the Shopkins style food (they totally are, aren't they?) is such an adorably cute print/theme.  I bought the tights alongside them and although they are more of a blue base, I just love them with the shoes.  I actually grabbed another few pairs of shoes whilst trying these on (non-Irregular Choice) and they all looked amazing with the tights.  

As for sizing, I can vary with this style between my usual 5/38 and the size-up.  I bought the 5/38 here and they are fine.  It's usually where the front meets your foot that is tight on me, but even with thick tights on, these felt alright.  There's not l0oads of room, but I didn't find them too small either.  The sides on this style can easily gape, so I'm always a bit wary of sizing up.  The strap is an absolute dream to fasten.  Call me an old lady, but fiddly buckles do my head in these days!  This one is easy to find the hole, the strap isn't too thick or wide and there's a good variety of holes for different ankle widths.  The T-bar design can be adjusted accordingly, by sliding along the ankle strap until it's re-centred depending on which hole you've chosen.  I always claim this heel as my go-to heel for ease of walking and comfort and I stand by that, I'll never tire of it.  

I'll never tire of this style to be honest.  IC could make a different themed pair every season and I'd buy them all.  For some reason I love the T-bar shape even more than the courts or mary-janes that they do with this heel.  I adore my teddies, poodles, mermaidbunny and I class Nutcracker and Bellissima as similar styles (though they both have slight variations).  I've been trying to reorganise my shelves to get all of these styles together, but I could do with another two pairs to satisfactorily complete two rows Irregular Choice!    

Wearing: Bento Tights, Irregular Choice (past season). 
Fit: Just under 4" heel, no platform. Adjustable buckle strap, very easy to fasten and good range of holes.  True to size.  
Comfort:  No issues with these.  
wearing T-bar shoes with cute sushi theme
legs wearing colourful tights and sushi themed shoes with lucite heel
back view wearing shoes with pink ombre perspex heel
wearing bright tights with sushi theme and shoes
close up wearing perspex heeled shoe with sushi theme
lucite heeled shoes with sushi theme
wearing sushi themed shoes and tights
wearing sushi themed T-bar shoes with colourful printed tights
sushi themed shoe on wooden floor
close up of sushi themed T-bar on shoe
close up of pink sushi printed uppers on toe of shoe with beaded detail
close up of pink Perspex heel on shoe
close up of shoe sole in pink with cute sushi face print
close up of blue shoe sole with cute sushi print

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