Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Day 1178 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing animal print tights and green cat face ankle boots with gold cuffs and satin bows
Shoes: Delicate Diamond | Irregular Choice 

I forgot I still hadn't shared my thoughts on these, after buying them last year. Money has been really tight, so in 2020 I was trying to not buy anything new at full price...it's hard.  I did drastically reduce launch day purchases, but I'm definitely not a fan of waiting for sales and worse, worrying about and watching them sell-out.  These were part of the new diamond shaped heel collection for AW20, much slimmer (and lighter) than the likes of Diamontina we've previously seen and this particular pair were an exclusive colour to Irregular Choice.  I didn't buy them right away, but once my size went low stock, I buckled.  I just knew I'd be really sad if I didn't get them, as they were the stand-out pair for me in this range.  I made the right decision as they've never been restocked in my size since.  I'm actually really keen on the red/pink pair too, not the colour I'd usually go for, but I think the heel looks really pretty in pale pink.  These ones have a mirrored gold heel, mint uppers with a cat face print that reminds me of my Markus Lupfer platforms and a green metallic toe.  I really love the gold cuff detail around the ankle and the large satin bow and my favourite bit is up the back with "Always" and "Irregular" embroidered.  Like I say, the heel is a lot lighter than the previous jewel shapes and more in line with a stiletto, albeit far chunkier.  The zip is the only one on boots lately, that I haven't struggled to fasten.  I pretty much do my 'ribbon through the zip-pull' trick for all boots these days, but these aren't stretched/tight across my foot at all.  The whole shaft is roomy and the foot is slightly roomy too, not enough that I'm slipping around inside.  It does narrow in the toe for the point and generally the uppers are quite stiff, so I wouldn't completely size-down, but if you're between sizes you can more than likely get away with the smaller one (like me).  The sole edge is spiky rather than curved like Heavens Above or Galactic Thunder, it's actually quite sore to hold onto when you're taking photos in your hand!  They're very comfortable to wear, the checked lining is cosy and the heel feels quite low to me.  My eye is still firmly on the pink pair 😉    

Wearing: Leopard print tights, old. 
Fit: 4" heel, no platform, full length inside zip. I find these roomy, one of the few zips I don't struggle to fasten. If between sizes, opt for the smaller, if not, just stick with your usual size. 
Comfort: No issues with these.
wearing green cat ankle boots with gold cuff and large satin bow on side
front wearing green ankle boots with quirky cat print and gold cuff
wearing green ankle boots with gold jewel diamond shaped heel and cat print
Always Irregular embroidered spine on boots with gold jewel like heel
green cat print ankle boots with zip and jewel shaped gold heel
close up of embroidered spine on back of boots being worn
green ankle boot in hand with shoe shelves behind and cat print uppers and jewel shaped heel
green metallic pointed toe of boot with spiked edging
back of ankle boots with gold jewel heel and Always Irregular embroidery
close up of gold mirrored jewel diamond shaped heel on ankle boot


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. Didn't feel quite so guilty for splurging, once they'd sold out!

  2. These really are so cute! They pink pair on sale atm on the IC Aussie store and I keep staring at them! I'm still paying off my last pair of IC though.

    1. I really love the pink pair, unfortunately they were sold out in my size here.

  3. This pair are a huge regret for me - I wish I'd ordered them!

    1. I'm so glad I did, I never saw my size back in stock in this colour.


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