Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Day 1177 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing pink metallic ankle boots with checked jersey dress
Shoes: Anastasia | Irregular Choice 

I went on the hunt for something to photograph today as I think I've shown all my most recent buys.  I got these in the January sales last year, they are from AW19.  They are really plain for me, but there's something about that simplicity that I'm really drawn to here.  They came in 3 different mirrored metallic shades and for once, I didn't buy the blue option!  I know, who am I?  If you're new here, I have more than a tendency to buy blue/green colourways over anything else!  However this very pale pink really appealed to me.   There's only little bits of black trim around the cuff and a bow across the front and even the bow is 'sensible' by IC standards.  The shape is quite interesting with this chunky angled heel (straight down the back, but cut-out slightly underfoot) and an upturned, pointed toe.  Usually IC styles can be quite wide in the front to look at (I know from sometimes struggling to fit certain styles side-by-side on a shelf), but these are unusually sleek and close-fitting to the foot.  Last year when I bought them, I was a little or maybe a lot (!) lighter, so they were pretty tight on me today, but I remember them being snug but not too tight last time.  The tightest bit is always across the middle of my foot, up the boot shaft slightly.  I was definitely glad to take them off today, my insteps were killing me because my feet were being crushed.  I didn't size-up in these, but unless you have a particularly wide foot, I don't think you need to.  I know a lot of people size-up because of pointy toes...it's not something I ever take into account personally.  

The healthier eating starting this week, so I'm sure when the time comes to wear these for real, they'll be fine!  Oh and also the cuff is looser fitting, it's not tight around the top and I didn't note any rubbing on that outer side where I usually feel it (but I had socks on).  

Wearing: Check jersey dress, Studio By Preen (past season), mesh striped socks eBay. 
Fit: 4" heel, no platform, full length inside zip.  I didn't size up and find them a snug fit, but not enough to need the bigger size.  If you're between sizes you may wish to opt for the bigger or if pointy toes bother you (because this one is very upturned, you feel it).     
Comfort:  Today they were killing me because they were tight, coupled with never wearing shoes anymore, so I'm not used to it!
front view wearing asymmetric dress and pink mirror metallic ankle boots
fashion blogger close up of legs wearing pink metallic ankle boots and checked dress
wearing studio by preen checked dress and irregular choice Anastasia pink boots
back view wearing pink metallic boots and checked asymmetric dress
close up of feet in pink metallic boots with small black bow and mesh socks
wearing mesh striped ankle socks, pink metallic boots and checked dress
pink mirrored metallic ankle boot with black trim on shelf
close up of chunky angled heel on pink metallic ankle boot


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