Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Day 1176 - Shoesday Tuesday

wearing colourful ankle boots with acrylic big rotating wheel
Shoes: Topsy Turvy | Irregular Choice

This is what Santa brought me for Christmas; amazing ankle boots from the Irregular Choice Fun & Games collection (AW20).  I would've shown you them last week, but they didn't fit, so I had to re-order the size up and I've been pretty knackered the past couple of weeks, sleeping a lot and unable to stand to take photos.  Anyway, I had a burst of energy today, so took the opportunity to get this post done.  These boots are just...wow!  I think I said that multiple times when I took them out the box.  It's such a novel idea.  Each foot is slightly different, with the blue glitter boot, yellow at the front and purple at the back and sitting slightly higher up the leg.  The pinky purple glitter on the uppers of the other boot, have the opposite with purple at the front and yellow at the heel.  The slightly less fancy boot is the blue one, with a track around the top (real wire) and little rollercoaster cars on it.  The one on the outer side can actually partly slide along the track.  There's also teacup applique on the outer side and both boots have ticket stubs on the inner sides, which is such a cute detail.  The other boot has this amazing acrylic big wheel, complete with swinging carriages and the whole wheel rotates, it's fabulous!  I'll be honest I expected it to be quite annoying to wear (though stunning to look at), however it didn't bother me at all when trying them on.  It's a little jangly, but otherwise you don't know it's there.  It doesn't really self rotate, you have to move it, so I think that helps that it's not swinging round all the time.  

They zip up the back and in my usual size, the zip wouldn't budge at all, not even the slightest.  I did think the boots looked small, but actually I got my foot in fine.  Little use if you can't zip them up though!  I was therefore worried the size up (6/39) would feel or even look too big, but they aren't.  This time I get both zips up no bother.  For me, my foot just goes in, but can't move forward at all in this style, so this was the issue with the smaller size, whereby I couldn't push my heel forward and couldn't get the zip up over that.  Therefore I'd definitely recommend sizing up in these, especially if you're between sizes.  

Something nobody told me is that they glow in the dark!!!  I hadn't boxed them back up yet, then when I went to bed I was aware of them all lit up.  Upon inspection the next day, they have little green glow-in-the-dark flecks in the glitter, so that was a nice surprise.  My phone hates photographing in the dark, but I've included a photo at the bottom, that actually shows it quite well (the teacups are the dark spots).         

Wearing: Sweet Treats Tights, Irregular Choice (past season). 
Fit: 4" heel, no platform, centre back zip. Very small fitting, I couldn't zip my usual size (5/38) up at all, though did fit them. I've sized up and they zip up and feel like a much better fit. 
Comfort:  Nice chunky, solid heel to walk on.  Shouldn't be any issues if you get the sizing right.  
wearing irregular choice glitter ankle boots
ankle boots with spinning ferris wheel detail
wearing pink macaron printed tights and glitter ankle boots with rollercoaster track detail
wearing ankle boots with large acrylic big wheel detail on side
wearing rollercoaster and ferris wheel ankle boots with patterned tights
centre back zip up ankle boots with fun and games detailing on them
back of zip up ankle boots with colourful glitter uppers
teacup applique detail on side of ankle boots
purple metallic toe of ankle boots with ferris wheel on side
close up of rotating ferris wheel on side of ankle boot with swinging carriages
rollercoaster wired track on ankle boots
sizing advice for rotating ferris wheel ankle boots
close up of ticket stubs applique detail on ankle boots
ankle boots on wodden floor with rollercoaster and ferris wheel detail on sides
rollercoaster themed glitter ankle boots with shoe shelves in background
ferris wheel ankle boot with shoe room in background
glow in the dark glitter ankle boots in dark room


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