Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Day 1166 - Shoesday Tuesday

legs wearing tulle socks and showing one side of shoe in rainbow fluffy material, the other foot in polka dot unicorn print
Shoes: Irregular Choice Heavens Above 

I was planning on posting my fit review of these weeks ago, but stuff kept getting in the way. I finally got the post finished tonight though, also managed to squeeze in taking photos of the other lightning bolt pair I bought, so I'll aim for those next week. I've already written an in-depth review with loads of photos on Pink Haired Princess, so won't go into the style of these Heavens Above too much here, but this post is quite photo heavy, they're just so photogenic!
The heel is 4" and although in character/concept heel terms it's quite narrow at the heel tip, they feel pretty sturdy. They have a lot of support at the cloud section where the heel meets the shoe, that part is very wide or large, so it's not a skinny-skinny heel. There's quite a curve to get your foot in, likely because there's no platform, so you might need to wiggle your toes about until you are comfy. It's definitely made easier if you're wearing socks or tights, it aids the sliding in! I initially felt these were roomier than my other pair (Galactic Thunder almost have a strap-like detail), they are a little gapey around the top, but again that's because of the angle your toes are to the rest of your foot. When I tried them on for these photos, I didn't feel they were as loose as I initially thought and I tried one on again today, whilst wearing the GT and they do feel similar in fit, but obviously you don't have the strap here. The toe shape is a little different to recent years IC and especially character heels which tend to have chunkier, rounded toes, but it's not a tight, narrow fit like some pointed toe styles. There's still room as the toe-box isn't short, nor is the whole front of the shoe. So I went with my usual size and feel they fit pretty true to size. I'll leave you with all the lovely pics-I tried to get every possible angle and pose in!

Wearing: Pink star tulle socks eBay (current). 
Fit: 4" heel, slip on. True to size.
Comfort: Toe isn't too narrow, so not pinching like some pointed toe styles can. Heel feels sturdy to walk on and well supporting the foot.  legs facing forwards wearing pointed toe shoes with split design and scalloped edged soleside view of legs with front leg in unicorn print court shoe with slight view of fluffy rainbow side of shoe in background with lightning bolt heelsbehind leg raised showing lightning bolt shaped heel of shoe with unicorn print shoe on foot on floorback side angle showing feet wearing glitter cloud and lightning bolt heeled shoes with fluffy and unicorn print split material designwearing pink tulle star socks with unicorn shoes with pink rainbow fluffy detail and lightning bolt heelback view of feet in lightning bolt heeled shoes with tulle sockscrossed feet showing rainbow fur fabric side of shoe with lightning bolt heelclose up of pointed toe court shoes with split design in rainbow fur and pegasus printclose up of ombre lightning bolt heel on unicorn printed court shoeclose up from behind of lightning bolt heel on shoe with split fabric design on uppersfeet on floor wearing unicorn print pointed toe court shoe with cloud and lightning bolt heelclose up of cloud and lightning bolt ombre metallic heels on shoes worn with tulle sockslegs on floor showing side of shoes, one in rainbow pastel fur, one in unicorn print both with lightning bolt heels

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