Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Day 1063 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Irregular Choice Alice In Wonderland 'All Mad Here' boots 

This week I have the second of my teapot heels and my penultimate from the Irregular Choice 'Alice' collection. You can click these links to see One Lump Or Two?, Flowers Can't Talk and Tea With Alice and there's more in-depth reviews on Pink Haired Princess too. Like I mentioned in another post, this was the one style where I misjudged the sizing. I figured a boot without any opening might be difficult to get into and I had no idea if the elastic sides were really stretchy or already quite taut. Add to that the fact I usually have to size up in IC boots (though normally for more leg room than the foot), I thought it seemed wiser to have them too big, than too small and with boots you can always wear socks underneath.
My One Lump Or Two? arrived first and have a similar shape, so I was pleased to see they were on the small side and I'd been correct to size-up. Not so in All Mad Here though, they are nothing like that! They were generally huge all over and not just 'put some thick socks on and you'll never know' big, they were definitely at least a size too large. So long story short, I managed to find a pair in my usual size (I still have the size 6/39 if anyone wants them) and they fit much better. I'm really intrigued to know if I would've managed a size 4 (unheard of for me), as they are still on the generous side. My foot easily slips in and out without pulling on the elastic to get them on and off, but my foot definitely feels more secure than it did in the size 6. Where the shoe version were tight across the widest part of my foot, the boots are not at all tight. The leather is very soft too, so there's nothing digging in anywhere. I personally don't find the heel height and platform an issue, but then I'm accustomed to higher heels. I mentioned in the shoe post how heavy the heel is, that would be more of an issue for people than the height I suspect. These boots are so spectacular you just want to stare at them on a shelf, so it might be surprising to hear they are actually rather wearable, but they are! Not totally sure what I'll wear them with yet, but I'll likely not have to deal with that for some time as I'm still unable to get out.  Next week, I have my final Alice shoes, the White Rabbit in pink, so look out for those.  How do you like these ankle boots though?

Wearing: Hot Topic Disney The Little Mermaid 'Ariel and Eric' leggings.
Fit: 5 1/4" heel and 1" platform. Pull on. No need to size up, those on the smaller end of a size may even be able to size down.
Comfort: Very heavy to lift the heel but don't foresee any issues with the heels hitting each other.


  1. These are superb and still the ones I regret not being able to buy.

    1. They are incredible, I'm still stunned by them.

  2. So so so stunning! In love with these collection! So unique and quirky 😊😊😍😍


    1. Thank you Stacie, I agree, the whole collection was beautiful. LOVE these boots.


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