Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Day 1062 - Shoesday Tuesday

Shoes: Irregular Choice 'Alice In Wonderland' Flowers Can't Talk 

This week I have another Alice heel for you (literally), the beautiful Flowers Can't Talk.
You can see more photos of them in this post and there I spoke about the fit too, but I'll elaborate. The shoes are wide fitting and they are so shallow at the heel, it feels like there's nothing keeping your foot in. They are very big in the heel area, which adds to this problem. In length I feel they are pretty true to size, so I doubt I could've sized down. I haven't worn them for long enough to tell if they'll constantly slip off the heel, but heel grips are likely going to be required for most people. The shoe itself is just lovely, very sleek and I love the array of bright colours. The heel feels very comfortable and easy to wear-Alice doesn't stick out the back or sides, so that's not an issue. I still have another...two from my Alice collection to show you and I just published my All Mad Here boots and One Lump Or Two? shoes post on Pink Haired Princess if you haven't seen it yet. What do you think of these shoes?

Wearing: House Of Holland New York Citights
Fit: 4" heel. TTS in length but very large in the heel and generally wide fitting.
Comfort: No issues with the Alice heel, the shoe is prone to slipping off though because of the fit.


  1. The tights are great fun! These shoes look so amazing against the black!

  2. Love the tights and the shoes together. Fabulous!

  3. love the shoes with the tights! Fabulous!

    PS:Here is the URL to shoe straps that help hold on shoes prone to falling off your feet. They look cute and come in all sorts of colors. Another person had bought these for her shoes where the heel kept falling off and she said they work great.

    1. Someone used a multi-way bra strap (in black) around IC's to help keep them on. I personally don't own a bra like that, but worth a try if you do.

  4. Here is an article about shoe lasts that have been printed with a 3d printer and shoe last printing software. (This is important because shoe lasts are expensive and hence ICs excuse for non well fitting shoes, and 3d shoe printing greatly reduces cost on shoe lasts.)


    Here is the letter I wrote to them regarding this, because they really need to make shoes that fit true to size

    Hi, here is an article to send to your production team so they make lasts more cheaply and have them be more accurately sized.

    In the meantime, as far as the last your company used for the White Rabbit sequin heels. It is about 1.25 sizes too small, so an easier fix would be to make the size 40 last, be a size 39 last, and the size 39 last to be size 38.... etc The size 43 last would be a 42, so you would have to make a new size 43 last.

    The last for the Flowers Can't Talk is about 1 size too big and the ankle and heel is way too big, so the size 39 last actually fits a size 40 foot, etc. I was able to replace the huge 41's I bought from you by buying a 39 from someone on ebay. She had the same exact problem. The shoe she bought from you, was too big for her. So it is not just me. At any rate, the easiest fix for this is to relabel the size 39 last a size 40 and the size 40 as a 41, and the size 41 as a 42 and the size 42 as a 43. Basically all the Flowers Can't Talk lasts need to be labeled one higher size and you will need to make a new last for size 36, since the old 36 will have been correctly relabeled a size 37 to accurately reflect the actual size of the shoes.

    As far as your flats, they are one size too big, so relabel the lasts to the next higher size, e.g. size 40 last should be a 41 etc.

    Your cheshire cat shoes, queen of hearts and one lump or two lasts are pretty true to size and can stay as they are.

    Although the others definitely need to be changed.

    Do not do this to people. I was sad about my Flowers Can't Talk shoes and you couldn't help me since they were sold out. The girl I bought the 39s from on EBay (and I am a size 40) was sad because her shoes were way too big for her. She was able to find some smaller ones for herself, but she ordered straight from you on the 26th of Feb as well.

    I spent $24 to get shoe pads for the shoes. And now I had to spend $350 to buy the shoes from her ($300 + $50 shipping from Australia) and now I will have to list my shoes on sale on ebay, and who needs all this trouble just because shoe lasts are not properly labeled?

    Please relabel your shoe lasts as I have instructed. You don't need to take my word for it. Just read Pink Haired Princess's blogs. She is reporting the same sizing findings that I have found with my shoes.

    We both agree on which shoes are too large and too small and they should all fit true to size. And if you need new lasts, just get yourself a 3d printer and some shoe printing software. There is no reason why your shoes cannot fit true to size. If I were you, I would follow a basic CM measurement.

    Thanks for your time in reading this
    Rebecca L. Danis

    1. I still think it's extremely difficult to cater for all foot shapes within the one size. Like we've discussed previously, some have longer toes, wider feet, higher insteps, it truly must be daunting to know that one shoe has to cater to all that (as is the same with bras, clothing etc). I can't imagine a world where anything DOES cater for EVERYONE, I think no matter how an item is produced or to what standard, there will always be someone who it's perfect for and someone else who finds fault with the size and others who it won't work for at all. I think we all just have to learn what items within which brands work best for us. I personally know of one shoe brand (not IC) that is ALWAYS a half size out with me (and they only do full sizes, so it's either buying too small or too big).

      3D printing is something that is certainly taking the world by storm (to the point it scares me, because it appears you can print anything and I can't really get my head around something multi dimensional being 'printed', but that's just me). I'm not sure if it would suddenly solve everything shoe related though...like I said above, surely even that last would be spot on for me and too wide for the next person or too short for another. We are all so different.

    2. Damn Becca wish I saw this sooner I would have loved to buy your flowers can't talk shoes! I'm in Aus too!

      Also as a wide footed lady I find their heels for me when their flats are too narrow for me really so it's all swings and roundabouts as far as lasts are concerned I think :)

  5. They look superb with these tights!


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