Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Day 1160 - Shoesday Tuesday

legs wearing grey leopard print tights and little mermaid water globe heeled shoes
Shoes: Irregular Choice Make A Splash (The Little Mermaid) 

So my Disney order arrived on Saturday and it's given me a chance to try everything on and I'm hoping to run through fit reviews of all 3 pairs I bought, as soon as possible, rather than leaving it to one a week.  First up are one of my Little Mermaid pairs, Make A Splash.  I actually nearly didn't buy these.  The boots were top of my list initially and as these have the same heel, I thought I should go for other (different) pieces first.  I'm so glad I changed my mind, almost everything sold out of all sizes on the day and they are really lovely.  The uppers are an iridescent sequins, so they change colour a bit depending on their surroundings.  Sometimes they are almost white or pink or lilac.  The pinky bit is a very pale pink, then you have that glitter platform which is covered in multiple sized bits of various colours.  It's shedding everywhere, it looks like there's been a party in the shoe room, the floor is covered! 
The heel is that heavy globe like the carousel ponies with glitter inside and one shoe has an Ariel (and Flounder) figure, the other Ursula.  Make no mistake these are heavy shoes.  One isn't too bad, but holding the pair in your hands, it's a real weight (the boots are worse), so this is something important to remember if you have to pay for returns or are selling/sending your pair (you'll be limited by the weight with which services you can use and it'll be very costly).  I haven't weighed them...do you know I made a whole list of weighty shoes when the carousels came out and misplaced it, so never wrote the blog post!  I must look for it and add these on.  Anyway, you don't want these to be too big, as the heavier the heel, the more gravity pulls it off your foot.  This was one of the reasons why I went with the smaller size in the Alice, My Cup Of Tea.

As soon as my delivery got here, I tried them all on and was pretty worried as all 3 pairs were really snug fitting,  I somehow managed to squeeze into them, but there was no wiggle room and they weren't the comfiest as I couldn't move my feet!  The second time I tried them with thin (tights style) socks and what a difference.  Weirdly with these, my bigger foot felt comfier all along, the smaller foot felt like the shoe was too small.  Then I retried them for these photos and you wouldn't know there had ever been a problem.  I am wearing thin tights, but actually I noted a bit of a gap at my heel, as my foot slips forward and in some poses, I felt my heel wanting to lift out.  If the strap wasn't there and the shoes were any bigger, I'd have issues with them slipping off.  So my advice if you're finding them tiny, is to persevere rather than opt for the bigger size.  I think my feet were a bit swollen at first, so try them on at different times of the day and with slippy, thin tights or socks to ease getting the foot inside comfortably.  You don't even need to walk in them, just sitting with them on for 10-15 minutes can make such a difference the next time you put them on.  I would just be really hesitant to advise on sizing up, even although I agree they are small, because of that weight, it could make them unwearable. 

The strap, is a T-bar and thankfully it moves (unlike the Evil Queen shoes), so you can adjust it so it's sitting central and I found the strap a little more generous in length (I wasn't in the loosest hole) than we sometimes see.  It is quite a thick strap and as pretty as these heart shaped buckles are, I do struggle to fit thicker straps through easily.  Many of my nails are long and I was praying I wouldn't break them whilst trying to fasten them.  I also can't get near my feet these days for my boobs, so I'm finding buckles really tricky.  Not that my boobs reach down to my feet (not quite at that stage yet), but you know what I mean, when you're bending over, it's troublesome.  I find squeezing the sides of the strap together aids getting it through the buckle, but it does tend to get caught on the seam/side of the shoe and you can't get past it.  Just something to note.

I think that covers everything.  Let me know how you got on, if you got these or how you found the other styles.  This is a photo of everything I bought, so I might do the Belle style next to mix it up.     

Wearing: Grey leopard print tights, Accessorize (old). 
Fit:  Somewhere between 5 1/2-5 3.4" heel (it's hard to measure because of the shape), platform measures 1 1/2".  Adjustable buckle strap.  Very snug on first try, the shoes definitely loosen up with wear and I find thin tights or socks help.  I went for my regular size.
Comfort:  I'm not saying these are all day shoes, they are heavy which can be tiring on the ankles, but I've worn my snow globes several times last year without needing to change.      legs facing forwards with pink platform shoes with shell adorned tbar strappink shoes with shell applique and glitter platform being worn with leopard print tightsside view of water globe heel shoes with Ariel mermaid figure inside and glitter platformiridescent sequins shoes with large platform and waterglobe heel with Ursula sea witch figure insideback view of disney little mermaid shoes with ariel and ursula figures in heelthe little mermaid glitterglobe heeled shoes being wornariel little mermaid sequins shoes with glitterglobe heelsariel figure inside glitter globe heel of shoeursula figure inside glitterglobe heel of shoeclose up of heel of shoe with water and glitter inside and Ursula, Flotsam and Jetsam figures insideclose up of heel of shoe with water, glitter, ariel mermaid and flounder figures inside

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